10 Exercises You Can Do At Your Neighbourhood Fitness Corner feat. Cenna Chen

Fitness instructor Cenna Chen shares tips on easy to do workouts at Rivervale Crescent


Did you know? Getting a good workout does not always need to be at the gym. There are many convenient playgrounds and fitness corners right at your doorstep that could be used for your next workout!

In this episode of Worth The Fit season 3, host Cheryl Tay heads to the beautiful fitness corner of 178 A/B Rivervale Crescent where fitness trainer and Instagram star Cenna Chen introduces 10 exercises (+4 bonus ones with an exercise band) that you can do at your own time and convenience.

1. Plank Up Down

Make sure your shoulders are over your wrist, your core is tight, and your body is in a straight line. When you are going up and down make sure there is minimal movement in your hips.

2. Lateral Bunny Hops

Go into a plank position, with your shoulders over your wrists. Your weight should be forward through your shoulders, and you should be light on your feet when you are hopping.

3. Knee Ups

Your shoulder blades are pulled away from your ears, and your lats are engaged. Ensure your core is switched on so you are not swinging about.

4. Lateral Squats

Make sure your weight is distributed evenly through your standing leg. Go as low as you can without arching your back, and remember to push through your heels.

5. Knee Up with a Twist

Make sure you are stable through your shoulders, pushing down through your elbows for extra stability. Your core is switched on at all times, while you add a knee to the opposite elbow.


6. Ab Runners

Make sure you are stable through your shoulders, pushing down through your elbows for extra stability. Your core is switched on at all times, and keep the movement nice and tight.

7. Lateral Jump Burpee

Jump into a plank and jump back in, make sure you compose yourself before jumping laterally.


8. Lying Leg Ups

Lie with your back flat holding onto the back for support. Make sure your core is switched on and drive your legs up in the air.

For a harder exercise, you can add in a twist for an extra oblique burn.

9. Plank Rotation

Make sure your core is tight, and your shoulders are over your wrist. You are going to twist from left to right and vice versa.

10. Toe Touches

Make sure the weight is on your back foot, and stay light on your toes.

Additional four exercises (with exercise band)


11. Banded Lat Pulldown

Sit on the ground comfortable and lean back slightly. Hold onto the band and pull it down towards you, keeping your elbows close to your body and squeezing your shoulder blades together.

12. Banded Crunches

Kneeling in a comfortable position, reach out and grab onto the bands. Crunch your torso towards the floor while maintaining tension the whole time.

13. Banded Leap Frogs

Put the band around your hips, making sure there is tension in the band. Explode through your legs and swing your arms when you jump forward.


14. Banded Plank Rows

Get into a plank position, making sure your shoulders are over your wrists. Make sure your core is tight while you reach out towards the band and pull it towards you. Try and keep your body straight while performing the exercise.

Watch the video for demonstrations of all the exercises by Cenna and give them a shot on your own!

You may do 3 rounds of the 10 exercises at 30 seconds work with 15 seconds rest or 3 rounds of 10 reps per exercise, with a minute's rest in between each round. Give it a try!

Worth The Fit season 3 features your favourite trainers who will each design a workout for you in your very own neighbourhood fitness corner.

You can get a good sweat session in, on days where you don't have access to a gym or are feeling lazy to travel out to your usual gym.

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