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How to do a proper prisoner squat

Improve your workout techniques with our tips and hacks from industry experts


Getting in a good sweat and feeling tired after any workout is a good thing, but it is only when we execute the right movements that are intended for each exercise where we can reap the full benefits of what an exercise is designed for.

In this article, we talk you through the steps on how to do a proper prisoner squat, with specific tips on areas to look out for and what are the common mistakes.

Step 1: Start with your knees on the ground, and your hands behind your head

Step 2: As you raise one knee off the ground, focus on maintaining your stability without having your hips rise up too much

The important thing to take note of here is not to stand up too much, and always to keep that nice half squat position

Step 3: Put your knee back down to the ground and repeat with the other leg


Similar to what you would do in isometric workouts, the ability to isolate certain muscle groups in order to target and work them is a key element to strengthening that particular muscle group.

In this case, you want to minimise movement in other parts of your body other than having your knees off the ground one at a time.

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