How to wear spin shoes

Tips for wearing clip-in cycling cleats for spin classes


If you've ever been to a spin class and you're not a regular cyclist, you will probably struggle with putting on a spin shoe.

So here's a quick guide on how to put on a pair of cycling cleats or spin shoes when you attend your first spin class.

How to wear spin shoes, with Sync Cycle instructor Victoria Louise Drysdale.

There are two basic things to sort out when it comes to setting up cleats on your cycling shoes - the angle of the cleat on the sole of your shoe and the fore-aft position of the cleat.

More information on this topic is available here on Cycling Weekly, but for the purpose of this article we will focus simply on how to wear a pair of spin shoes with cleats for spin class.


Step 1: Press on the top of the buckle to loosen the strap

Step 2: Pull the strap out in order to adjust

Step 3: After adjusting, press the strap all the way in to tighten

These steps are necessary so as to ensure that your feet are secure during the ride, and that your safety in general isn't compromised while riding


After wearing the spin shoes, you will need to clip on your cleats to the cycling pedals leading with the top part of the triangle of the cleat until you hear a clicking sound.

To unfasten your spin shoes from the pedals, twist your ankles inwards until they detach from the pedals.

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