Spin more than just a cardio bunny workout: Victoria Louise Drysdale

Sync Cycle instructor recounts her initial judgment of Spin Classes


In a given week, Victoria Louise Drysdale usually teaches two to three spin classes. While having a day job makes this a tough task, she believes it challenges her to be a stronger instructor and person overall.

She admitted that she wasn't always a fan of spin classes though.

She said: "At first I judged spin a lot, I really judged spin. Because I thought it was a purely cardio bunny kind of workout."


"I was so into fitness, I did HIIT and strength workouts, because I just wanted to tone up - and I thought that spin was really sort of a girls-want-to-have-fun kind of workout, so I really judged it so hard, even during class," she laughed.

It was only after she fell in love with the music at a certain spin studio, and subsequently meeting the people at Sync Cycle, that it finally got her comfortable in the fitness genre.

So what was her first experience of a spin class like?

"I was wondering what was going on and why it was not as challenging as I thought it would be. Until I completed that class and I was totally blown away," she continued.


"Everything that was incorporated into that workout was what I liked - it was music, my heart was pumping, there was resistance, there were different tracks, even arm workouts, so I was addicted immediately."

Outside of spinning, Drysdale's go to choice for a workout is running.

It didn't come as a huge surprise as running was the sport that got her into fitness in the first place.

"I was in Track and Field, and I represented Singapore a few times in the 400m event, so with that I felt like I just wanted to keep it going, and keep up this lifestyle."


When asked why she thinks people should give spin a try, she said, "one of the common myths about spin is that it's like a cult or people just go there for the hype."

"Kind of like a clubbing experience, so many people think it's purely a cardio workout. But it does have the HIIT experience as it includes resistance and arm workouts."

"It's a good push especially if you want your heartrate to rise really high, so to me spin is just amazing," she concluded.

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