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Meet the Jump Rope Athlete turned Fitness Instructor: Cheryl Loh

Reaping the benefits of fitness ignited Fitness Trainer's aspirations to pass on knowledge


At the age of eight, Cheryl Loh's parents wanted her to join Chinese Dance CCA.

What they did not count on was her stumbling upon the moving ropes at the back of her school hall.

Intrigued by what all the other students were doing with skipping ropes, and the many different combinations and moves with a rope, she prompty gave up Chinese Dance for Jump Rope CCA.


But just what made Loh make the transition into the life of a personal trainer and fitness instructor?

It turns out that her time as a competitive jump rope athlete had plenty to do with it.

"Being in a competitive sport like jump rope, we had to work on endurance, power, speed and agility and everything you can think of in terms of fitness," she said.

She added: "I started competing for school in jump rope at 10 years-old, but when I joined international competitions, I really wanted to step up my own game so I looked at exercises I could find online to find out how I can improve my endurance, so that I don't feel like dying halfway through my routine."


Her resourcefulness and perseverance paid off when she saw noticed significant improvements to her performance within the team.

"I tried the exercises, I studied on my own, from reading off the internet. And then I realised my performance did improve within my own team. We all did the same trainings, but I did something else on the side."

Reaping the personal benefits of greater endurance got Loh really intrigued about fitness, and since then she felt inspired and wanted to share her new found knowledge with her team.


"I move faster, I jump up higher, I don't feel like I am dying halfway through my routine," she said.

"It brought me into the passion of educating my team, and I realised it was right, and I would like to pass on my knowledge to people so that they don't have to go through trial and error in their own fitness journeys."

And the rest as they say, is history.

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