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From weight loss to inspiring an online community: Fariq Azizan

"Jump Rope Ninja" finds inspiration in online Jump Rope community


What initially was a means to lose weight has turned out to be so much more for Muhammad Fariq Bin Azizan.

The final year student at UniSIM, who goes by the instagram handle of @jumpropeninja, has inspired many in the community to pick up the sport of Jump Rope.

He believes what draws people to the sport, is the fact that you can execute really cool combos and moves with a skipping rope.


"As soon as you think you've learned everything, someone else posts a new combo online. And you think, oh wow I've got to learn that now. The community is great online," said Fariq.

Apart from Jump Rope, he also does basic calisthenics: nothing too fancy, just the basic stuff like pull-ups, push-ups, dips and a bit of ab work. He sometimes incorporates it into his Jump Rope routines as well, in a circuit style training.


So how many hours of practise does he put in daily into the sport of Jump Rope exactly?

"I do about 30 - 45 minutes a day, maybe with a day's rest in the week. But I've also learnt to listen to my body, so if sometimes I have shin splints, I will stop for 2 weeks, and let my body rest."

When he first started documenting his Jump Rope journey online in late 2017, he didn't think it would take off the way it has. Without a plan in mind, he just spammed his videos there.


Slowly he started to get followers, with more people expressing an interest in his jump rope routines and asking him how to execute some of the moves.

He reflected, "I hope to inspire people to pick up a jump rope and get active. When I receive a message from someone telling me they've watched my videos, and now I'm able to do this and this, it makes me really happy."

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