Working up a sweat with Sakinah Fatimus of HAUS Athletics

Life in the fitness industry a natural choice for former multi-sport athlete turned Group Fitness instructor


She dipped her toes into a variety of sports during her school days - perhaps a little more than most. From track and field to football, basketball, and dragonboat; Sakinah Fatimus has done it all.

It was therefore not surprising that sport and fitness would continue to play a major part in her life beyond school. But it was from an unlikely route that she stumbled her way into group fitness.


"I was nearing the end of my university days, that's when I tried boxing. It was a solo sport, and I realised I could do it at my own time and at my pace," she said.

From there she delved into group fitness, and that's where she was introduced to HAUS Athletics, Uppercut Boxing and now Ground Zero, where she teaches at.

"My mom asked me to try boxing since it's what my dad used to do, but my dad didn't want me to box because he said it's dangerous and that was how he wrecked his nose," she chuckled. "I tried it anyway, and I loved it."


When asked what was her greatest passion outside of fitness, she replied: "I like to read and write a lot. If I am not engaging in any group fitness lessons, I just like to zone out, and do some reading and writing. That really helps me to pace myself - and I try to do it every single day."

And it is little wonder why she needs her regular doses of "me time", to unwind and recharge given the regularity with which she has to raise her energy levels when teaching each of her classes.

"I honestly think it's more of a mental thing than anything else. Usually before each class I will mentally prepare myself, and envision what I want to say and how I want to lead the class. So when the mic is on it's GAME ON!"


Having taught across a wide array of fitness genres, it wasn't easy for Sakinah to pick out a favourite - but if she had to choose one genre she enjoys teaching the most, it would be Spinning.

"I enjoy teaching Spin (cycle) the most. There is a lot of freedom and creativity there, and it's just very exhilirating - the energy from the crowd is insane. You get their response, and you get everyone moving as one," she replied. "That's something i've not really seen in other fitness spaces."


Workouts wise, she still likes boxing and the ones at HAUS Athletics, which she feels are incredibly empowering.

"I love workouts at HAUS because it is so empowering - you really put your whole body at work," she added. "There is always a step up. maybe today you do cardio, next day you do strength, and then the next day you do core."

Sakinah also encouraged beginners starting out on their fitness journeys to worry less about the workouts and focus more on having fun.

'You can always tell your instructors that you need help because you haven't worked out for a long time, they will probably give you regressions," she said.

"At the end of the day you need to stress less and enjoy yourself. It's about the music, the community, and the movement."

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