Most Private Workout You'll Ever Get: The Gym Pod

Interactive Mirrors give users full access to virtual fitness content taught by instructors of The Gym Pod Academy


If you are a workout junkie who stays in sunny Singapore, you would probably have heard of The Gym Pod by now.

The Gym Pod features a private and safe gym space that allows users to have 24/7 access, with CCTV monitoring in a completely unmanned gym. It also comes with a mobile app that is used for booking and accessing the pods.

What you may not know, is that The Gym Pod has undergone immense transformation over the past 18 months, to move from what was originally repurposed shipping containers to pre-fab modular structures and indoor retail units, in order to create more space and reduce the hassle of the setting up of a pod.

Peter Lam, Brand and Partnerships Director of The Gym Pod, shared: "Although we are called 'The Gym Pod' we are not limited to container structures at all. We have since started moving into indoor retail units as well."

"You can find us in shophouses, retail units and shopping malls. If there is unutilised space, our automation technology can help transform and activate the space into a Gym Pod."


Access to Virtual Content Library via Interactive Mirrors

The pods have also been recently upgraded to feature smart interactive mirrors or PTXs, granting pod goers access to a virtual content library from trainers of The Gym Pod Academy, which offers workouts and classes across a wide variety of workout categories.

Beyond a completely personalized experience following the workouts virtually, users are also able to control the lights and colours to create their preferred atmosphere in the Pod in order to set their preferred mood.


Perfect for Gym Junkies who are not fans of Group Fitness

As a private gym, The Gym Pod offers many perks for both beginners and fitness experts to enjoy alike.

The obvious ones being that you get the convenience of having all the equipment to yourself, and there is no queuing for gym equipment or other distractions you get in a typical gym.

This makes it a perfect choice for gym goers who are not fans of group fitness sessions or who don't like to socialise as much.

Gym goers also need not worry about their baseline fitness levels, as The Gym Pod curates fitness content across a variety of levels from beginner to intermediate and advanced.


Apart from the interactive virtual mirrors (PTX), these content can also be accessed from the comfort of your home from your laptop, phone, or tablet.

Lam stressed that although the PTX does provide a premium experience, The Gym Pod is focused on making the content as convenient and accessible as possible.

"We aim to help people get better, healthier and happier - if they can’t make it down to a Pod, then it’s our job to find another way to deliver the content to them."


Lam added: "It’s also important to point out that getting a great workout in does not necessarily mean lifting the most weights or doing the craziest exercises. Our Pods offer the basic foundational equipment that allow anyone to stay fit."

First starting out in June 2018, the fit-tech company has rapidly expanded to six pods by the start of 2020, 15 pods at the start of 2021, and currently have 35 pods, with twelve of them located inside the travel bubble facility at Connect@Changi, which is closed to public.

You can find out more about The Gym Pod here, or download their app to book a session.

The Gym Pod Website

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