Walter Tay vs Paul Foster: Rivervale Fitness Challenge

In a battle of endurance, power and grit who will emerge victorious? Actor host Paul Foster or hawker hunk Walter Tay?


Did you know? Getting a good workout does not always mean hitting the gym. There are many convenient playgrounds and fitness corners right at your doorstep that could be used for your next workout!

Having journeyed with us for the first three episodes of Worth The Fit Season 5 where Jia En, Cenna Chen and Claire Jedrek shared the various exercises and workouts that you can do at various fitness corners, it is now time for a challenge!

For this much anticipated challenge, Singaporean host and actor Paul Foster will face off against hawker entrepreneur and fitness model Walter Tay to a challenge in the neighbourhood or Rivervale, Singapore.

They will both visit the three spots in Rivervale of our previous episodes where workout stations and exercises have been laid out.


If you have forgotten what the workouts and stations from the previous episodes were, here is a quick recap:

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The three fitness challenges for the day are as follows.

Challenge 1: Complete as many reps as possible in 1 minute for 5 exercises

Both Paul Foster and Walter Tay will need to complete as many reps as possible (AMRAP) within 60 seconds for all 5 exercises at the first location.

They will however have to watch their form, or it would be a no count.

1. Sit-up Twist

2. Pistol Squat

3. Tricep Dips

4. Inclined Push-up and Chest Tap

5. Box Jumps


Challenge 2: Complete 15 reps as quickly as possible for 5 exercises

For the second challenge, both Walter and Paul will have to finish the fixed number of reps as quickly as possible as it is a time based challenge.

1. Knee-ups

2. Ab Runners

3. Bunny Hops

4. Lateral Jump Burpees

5. Toe Touches


Challenge 3: Complete the sprint set as fast as possible

With host Cheryl Tay as the umpire, who will emerge victorious?

Watch till the end to find out! Don't forget, you can do the same challenge yourself, or find a buddy to challenge for the same workouts!


Worth The Fit season 3 features your favourite trainers who will each design a workout for you in your very own neighbourhood fitness corner.

You may do 3 rounds of the 10 exercises at 30 seconds work with 15 seconds rest or 3 rounds of 10 reps per exercise, with a minute's rest in between each round. Give it a try!

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