Uplifting Women in Sport and beyond with ASICS on International Women's Day

ASICS' women-only event at SuperFly Studios on International Women's Day proved a real hit in more ways than one

Serena Teoh, Cheryl Tay and Natalie Dau share a laugh. PHOTO: LYNN LEE, SPORTPLUS.SG

This is the time of year where we celebrate women, and we got to enjoy an intimate workout session with ASICS Singapore on International Women’s Day, where we were clothed in pink - my favourite colour!

Amanda Ang working out during the Natalie Dau led HIIT session. PHOTO: LYNN LEE, SPORTPLUS.SG

Held at SuperFly Studios at Robertson Quay, the plan was to do a HIIT workout led by ASICS Singapore ambassador Natalie Dau, who’s also an ultramarathoner.

Before we got to the studio floor, ASICS made sure all of us were decked out head to toe, inside out (minus our underwear), in their latest Yozakura Collection.

Singapore national hockey athlete Gene Leck in action during the ASICS Women's Day HIIT event. PHOTO: LYNN LEE, SPORTPLUS.SG

Both Gene and I were in the Accelerate bra and Road Balance tights in fuchsia pink, the Race Crop Top in deep plum and the Novablast 2 Platinum shoes with its shiny silver streaks. This entire outfit can be purchased on ASICS.com and is available in ASICS stores now.

Singapore national sprinter Bernice Liew during the ASICS Women's Day HIIT event. PHOTO: LYNN LEE, SPORTPLUS.SG

Motivational Songs by Female Artistes

Accompanied by a playlist of motivational songs from female artistes, the studio was a pretty sea of pink as we were put through deadlifts, overhead sit-ups, thrusters, inchworms and a whole bunch of other exercises - circuit style.

ASICS has launched the Yozakura collection in conjunction with International Women's Day. PHOTO: LYNN LEE, SPORTPLUS.SG

We then did some partner work, before finishing off with a game of reflexes where you had to stay in a squat and follow the commands of “head”, “knees”, “toes” and then rush to grab the bottle in the middle upon hearing “bottle”.

Held at SuperFly studios at Robertson Quay, the event was a hit with the ladies in more ways than one. PHOTO: LYNN LEE, SPORTPLUS.SG

Apologetically, Cheryl and Gene did not progress to the finals because grabbing is just not their forte (need more practice at sales I guess) but we had a lot of fun.

Singapore national sprinter Clara Goh during a reaction game at the ASICS Women's Day event. PHOTO: LYNN LEE, SPORTPLUS.SG

Continue to surround yourself with strong women and Happy International Women’s Day to all grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties, wives, girlfriends!

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Athletes and participants received the latest ASICS activewear from the Yozakura Collection. PHOTO: LYNN LEE, SPORTPLUS.SG

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