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Connecting Fitness to the Metaverse: F45 Paya Lebar

Singapore gym F45 Paya Lebar is giving out free NFTs this International Women’s Day

A gym member working out at F45 Paya Lebar. PHOTO: F45 PAYA LEBAR

Add fitness to International Women’s Day and you get… NFTs? In an unexpected yet brilliant move to connect fitness to the metaverse, local gym F45 Paya Lebar has paired up with local women empowerment artist, Louisa Raj, to bring 200 free NFTs to the F45 female fitness community’s digital wallets. This initiative is part of the outlet’s genesis collection, ‘45Verse’.

“What’s the point of owning a 45Verse NFT?” you may ask. Serving as a unique barcode of sorts, holders of the collection’s NFTs will receive special privileges including discounts at cafes and shops within the Paya Lebar District when they complete their reps with F45 Paya Lebar.

By making the NFT collection accessible to female gym-goers, F45 Paya Lebar ultimately hopes to break the perception that cryptocurrency is a man’s world.

The F45 Paya Lebar team of fitness trainers. PHOTO: F45 PAYA LEBAR

“Merging NFTs and fitness together is a great and fun way to educate and onboard more people who have yet to see the benefits of this amazing blockchain technology.” – Troy See, Owner of F45 Paya Lebar

NFTs stand for non-fungible tokens, meaning that each NFT is unique and irreplaceable – similar to a one-of-a-kind pokemon trading card. They are collectables or digital assets that differ from other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin which are fungible.

Depending on its creator, NFTs can come with special privileges i.e. the prestigious Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs which only has 10,000 unique copies, also serves as tickets to an online social club that hosts exclusive parties.

Sample NFTs created for the 45verse by local artist Louisa Raj. PHOTO: F45 PAYA LEBAR

When asked about why NFTs is the chosen medium to drive empowerment this International Women’s Day, Troy quotes Lavinia Osbourne, founder of the community, ‘Women in BlockChain Talks’:

“Learning new words such as DeFi, blockchain and crypto wallets, much less understanding these terms, takes up a lot of energy and time. Art, on the other hand, is a lot more engaging. Many people may not understand what an NFT is and how it works, but they know art and they know how to be creative.”

Recognising the explosive popularity of NFTs today and its potential to increase interactions in the metaverse, Troy’s decision to expand F45 Paya Lebar’s promotional activities into the cryptocurrency world is an exciting one for both consumers and the business.

Merging NFTs and fitness together is a great and fun way to educate people who have yet to experience the benefits of blockchain technology. PHOTO: F45 PAYA LEBAR

Engaging local artist, Louisa Raj, the artist behind the notable “Crypto Bengs and Lians” collection, the 45Verse’ collection of artworks encompasses a diversity of female avatars enjoying fitness and local food fare elements. Collaborating with Raj was a conscious decision “because of her passion for empowering women in the Web3 and celebrating our unique Singapore culture through her art.” said Troy.

The F45 Genesis Collection project does not just stop here. In fact, 45Verse NFT holders can look forward to upcoming phases of metaverse activities and gym challenges to unlock benefits such as free memberships, F&B or lifestyle rewards, tote bags, fitness apparel, and more.

Avatar of local artist Louisa Raj. PHOTO: F45 PAYA LEBAR

Challenge examples include the existing F45 challenge, an 8-weeks fitness and dietary programme – participants with the greatest weight loss in terms of body fat percentage or overall weight at the end of the programme will receive special rewards. It could even be as simple as the most pull ups done in 1 minute or the longest plank. Either way, there are a wide variety of fitness challenges to anticipate for 45Verse NFT holders!

Easily redeemable at ArtWallst and OpenSea from 1st March 2022 onwards, the F45Verse collection is up for grabs to all women in the fitness community. Join the 45Verse family by redeeming your own unique 45Verse NFT and get rewarded for working up a sweat!

A gym member working out at F45 Paya Lebar. PHOTO: F45 PAYA LEBAR

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