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ASICS Novablast 2 Review: Running Shoes 2021

Running trainers that offer good midfoot support, and an extra bounce to make you feel like you are running lighter


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Team Singapore national hockey athlete Gene Leck recently had the opportunity to try out the new ASICS Novablast 2 running shoe, one of the shoes from ASICS Singapore's new CELEBRATION OF SPORT COLLECTION.

This is what she had to say about the shoes.


First and General Impressions

When I first took the ASICS Novablast 2 out of its shoe box, I was impressed by how light the shoes were in comparison to my older pair of running shoes.

During the run, I felt like my foot steps were lighter than usual and the cushioning makes it a lot easier for me to push my feet off the ground with each step I took.

The general feel of the shoe is that it is very secure, it locks my feet in place without unncessary movement in the shoes, so they feel well supported as I run.

Even though I have weaker ankles due to an old injury, it did not at all feel shaky nor unstable.


How is the overall fit of the shoes?

The shoes fit very well. My feet feel well protected and supported, and the shoes are holding them very securely in place as I run.

The midfoot area feels well supported, while there is also enough space in the forefoot area for my feet to move a little so that it doesn't feel too restrictive.

Overall the shoe's lacing system feels secure and firm, and it didn’t feel as though my feet would shift too much.

How about the Toe Box area?

I personally have a longer big toe and the space in the toe box area is just nice. A good fit for my feet despite my deformed bunions.

Midsole and Outsole of the Shoes

Compared to the previous pair of running shoes I was using, the shoe is definitely a lot lighter and bouncier in a sense where it feels like my foot steps are lighter.

I understand there is Flytefoam Blast midsole technology used here, it is my first time trying it so it wouldn't be fair to compare to the previous version of it, but it does give softness without losing stability.


Are the shoes better for runners who pronate or supinate?

I tend to pronate, and these shoes feel good to me. I wouldn't be able to offer an opinion for runners who tend to supinate more.

Stack Height

I would say the cushioning is still decent, and personally it's a lot more than that of those in other running shoes I have worn. It makes me feel like my runs felt lighter than usual.

Heel to Toe Drop

There has been a drop from 10mm to 8mm from the previous version of the shoe, but as I have not worn the previous version of this shoe, I don't think I am able to offer a fair comparison on this.


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