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From each member owning a heart rate monitor, to doing away with the hassle of class bookings, Fight Zone is a breath of fresh air


A gym that does not offer High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or strength and conditioning classes. Say what? Does one even exist?

But that's exactly what Fight Zone SG is about. Instead of offering scheduled classes throughout the day, the unique thing about this Singapore fitness centre is that members do not have to be tied down by the hassle of class bookings.

Each day, a curated set of exercises that are infused with HIIT and muay Thai techniques are prescribed, and all each member has to do is to turn up at their own time in a club of their choice to perform these workouts during the gym's opening hours.

Pretty ingenious don't you think? It allows busy working adults who aren't big on socialising the flexibility of choosing the best time of the day for their workouts without being tied to a specific class slot.

Heart Rate Monitor

Not only that, but to ensure that each participant is optimising his or her workouts, every Fight Zone SG member is a proud owner of a Heart Rate Monitor from MyZone, a market leader when it comes to ECG and PPG methods of heart rate monitoring.

MyZone rewards users based on the natural progression of the intensity of their workouts so that both novice and seasoned members alike feel rewarded based on their current fitness ability, a technology that serves as a huge plus exclusive to fitness centres like Fight Zone SG.

All crucial data like effort, intensity, duration and calories are saved in each person's profile, ready to be pulled up at any time via their Fight Zone SG app.


5 Coloured Zones

And what of the five different coloured zones? How do they work, and how does it improve training per se, one might ask.

The MyZone system predicts each individual's maximum heart rate as soon as its registered. The five colored zones represents a 10% increase starting from their active heart rate which is above 50%.

Fight Zone SG recognises that every member is unique, and will be at a heart rate specific to their fitness level at any given stage of their workouts.

With each participant's heart rate being flashed up on the big screen of the gym, it eliminates any guessing game of perceived effort and instead allows everyone to focus on being motivated to stay within specific coloured zones.


Total Body Workout infused with muay Thai Techniques

Since there are no classes being taught, the core emphasis at Fight Zone SG is to develop a holistic total body workout system that changes on a daily basis.

Even then, muay Thai elements are an ever present feature as 6 of of 9 Zones would require striking techniques. Score one for all muay Thai fans out there!

For those who prefer a bit more of a personalised and customised approach, Fight Zone SG also offers personal training programs for individuals who have specific fitness goals such as weight loss, muscle gain or to simply learn more advanced muay Thai.

3 Clubs delivering a unified Member Experience

While Fight Zone SG may boast three separate outlets and studios in which members can enjoy their fitness journey, it prides itself in delivering the same member experience throughout all three clubs, one of the things that can be incredibly difficult to accomplish in a people driven industry.

In order to achieve this, Fight Zone SG shared that it ensures that its programs and staff go through rigorous training so as to deliver a consistent level that meets service standards.

30 minutes is all you need

As a HIIT-focused fitness center, Fight Zone SG wanted a simple solution for its members that would maximize their efforts while balancing their schedules.

They found the formula of 30-minutes of HIIT being an optimum time needed to elicit EPOC, also known as the Afterburn Effect.

By eliminating the hassle of bookings, and the common issue of members favouring certain instructors which could lead to over crowding often seen in traditional set-ups, Fight Zone SG believes this system allows more members to work out more regularly throughout the week.


Fight Zone Coaching Staff

Fight Zone SG's Trainers are highly experienced individuals that are already certified personal trainers or have an extensive background in muay Thai or Boxing.

The majority are already well versed in their craft before joining Fight Zone SG and all coaches go through training from the Master Trainer and Fitness Manager, who bring together a combined total of 20 years of industry experience, before they were hired.

Customised Fitness Journey

Each Fight Zone SG member goes through a sit down session with staff to identify their needs and wants when they sign up.

Fitness goals could vary from any of weight loss, to muscle gain, improving stamina or learning muay Thai to unique goals like strength and conditioning, posture balance and rehabilitation.

Fight Zone SG also offers Kids Classes as more parents are starting to realise the importance of physical training for kids, and each Fight Zone SG workout challenges members across all physical, cardiovascular and cognitive aspects.

Fight Zone SG Website

Contact Details +65 6904 5612

Fight Zone Suntec City Address:

3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City North Wing, #03-327, 038983

Fight Zone AMK Hub Address:

53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #03-14, Singapore 569933

Fight Zone Velocity Address:

238 Thomson Road #03-57, Velocity @ Novena Square, 307683

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