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Where Fitness Enthusiasts Grow Their Craft: Level Singapore

From beginner friendly structure classes, to Calisthenics and hand balancing classes, weightlifting and spartan programmes, Level Singapore has you covered


Founded in 2014 as as a space for diverse yet like-minded fitness professionals to grow their craft and to create community, Level Singapore's fitness community has grown significantly over the years and they today offer two gyms and studio spaces with contrasting ambiences, while still being anchored on the same philosophy.

So what are the key offerings and features of Level Singapore that you need to know about? We ask national weightlifter John Cheah.

Gyms and Studios

Designed to be “the Ritz of Fitness” , Level Singapore's studio space at 137 Telok Ayer Street not only smells great, but its warm lighting and wooden flooring provides the perfect backdrop for stressed out professionals to relax and unwind away from a rough day at work.

The studio at 14 Robinson Road on the other hand was envisioned to be a rough-and-tumble, no-nonsense lifting space - with its concrete flooring and shadowy high ceiling akin to a forge where champions are made.

To put it simply the Telok Ayer studio is seen as the home to Level Singapore's Calisthenics and Hand Balancing classes, while the Robinson Road studio hosts its Weightlifting and Spartan programmes.


Classes and Programmes

Level Singapore's Structure class is the most beginner-friendly class that is available. The basics of movement are taught here. Think push, pull, lunge, squat and hinge; and this class also gives less experienced individuals a sanctuary from the usual fast-paced, dazzling introductions found in other spaces to dial in on how they’re moving, and understand why they’re moving.

The Sweat class is a High Intensity Interval session, and while it is technically also beginner friendly, Level Singapore's coaching staff have found that participants can get more out of their experience here if they’ve first attended the Structure classes. HIIT gets a reputation for being an all-or-nothing sweat fest, but Level Singapore prioritises making sure that people are moving correctly first, before playing around with intensity for the sake of the ‘gram.

Skill classes marry the progressive overload aspects of Level Singapore's Structure classes with the pacy, heart-thumping experience of its Sweat classes to deliver a training session designed to push participants toward their goal. This could be anything - whether that’s a double bodyweight deadlift, a sub 1:30 500m row, or getting a pull up. The value of Skill is in its longitude, and Level Singapore has the track record to help its clients achieve their strength and conditioning goals through this particular class.


Outdoor Classes

While many gyms and studios have pivoted to holding outdoor classes post Covid-19, this is an area which Level Singapore is no stranger to. During pre-Covid times, Level Singapore ran a popular Spartan Race program that took participants outdoors to practice conditioning in the tropical heat, and used methods to help them overcome race obstacles such as the Monkey Bars, and rope climbs indoors.

This program has been put on hold for the time being due to current Safe Management Measures, but Level Singapore has the coaches who thrive on and who love coaching outdoors.


Learning Online

While Level Singapore doesn't have a gym app or recorded classes, they have decided not to go down that route because they like the real life interactions with their participants, whether through correcting their form real-time in Structure or Skill classes, or gauging energy levels of Sweat classes.

They did however hold online classes through the various Circuit Breaker and Heightened Alert periods in Singapore to continue to deliver experiences that are centred around the participant.


Coaching Staff

For Level Singapore, its people are its best asset, which is what sets the studio apart from many others. While some gyms focused on a centralised pedagogy, Level Singapore focuses on the strengths of each of its coaches, leaving it to each of them to craft an experience that is engaging, unique and masterful.

Level Singapore's coaches come from various backgrounds, and they're each chosen by the gym for their attention to detail, technical excellence and ability to teach.

What this means is you'll get Skill, Sweat and Structure classes that are different, but that could be refreshing if you are someone who prefers different approaches and trying new things.


Examples of Level Singapore's classes

Sweat with George, who heads the Spartan program

Sweat with Hannah, a former Adventure Leader at Outward Bound Singapore

Skill with Erik, our national arm wrestler

Skill with John, our record-breaking national weightlifter

Rehabilitation Services

Level Singapore also offers rehabilitation services - which include physiotherapy and osteopathy, having partnered with Edge Healthcare in 2017, and while this is a separate package for gym members, it creates a healthy ecosystem for its coaches to learn from and observe a different facet of how movement can be used to better lives.

Pre and Post Natal Classes

Level Singapore's pre and post natal certified coaches work with a diverse range of clients at different stages of their pregnancy. They are looking to work towards offering small group pre / post natal classes in the future and building a safe and welcoming community for mothers who still like keeping active.


Our Recommendation

If you are a newbie looking to try out a class at Level Singapore, we recomend that you start off with its Structure Classes. Many are also happy to stay in the Structure classes because it’s a great space to focus on moving well with or without weight, while some will dare to venture to Skill classes or Calisthenic classes to learn new tricks, or perhaps the Spartan program if they wish to take on a Spartan race.

Classes are appropriate for people of all ages, because Level Singapore's coaches try to personalise the experience to a degree. As Coach John Cheah himself put it: "Young and old is a state of mind, and we’re in the business of smashing through norms."

Level Singapore Website

Opening Hours

Mondays: 7am – 8pm

Tuesdays: 7am – 8pm

Wednesdays: 7am – 8pm

Thursdays: 7am – 8pm

Fridays: 7am – 8pm

Saturdays: 8am – 1pm

Sundays: 8am – 1pm

Contact Details +65 6222 4766

Level Singapore Telok Ayer Address:

137 Telok Ayer St, #01-03, Singapore 068602

Level Singapore Robinson Road Address:

14 Robinson Rd, #01-00, Singapore 048545


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