Where Fitness Enthusiasts Grow Their Craft: Level Singapore

From beginner friendly structure classes, to Calisthenics and hand balancing classes, weightlifting and spartan programmes, Level Singapore has you covered

Image credit: Juan Chan, Level Singapore

Founded in 2014 as as a space for diverse yet like-minded fitness professionals to grow their craft and to create community, Level Singapore's fitness community has grown significantly over the years and they today offer two gyms and studio spaces with contrasting ambiences, while still being anchored on the same philosophy.

So what are the key offerings and features of Level Singapore that you need to know about? We ask national weightlifter John Cheah.

Gyms and Studios

Designed to be “the Ritz of Fitness” , Level Singapore's studio space at 137 Telok Ayer Street not only smells great, but its warm lighting and wooden flooring provides the perfect backdrop for stressed out professionals to relax and unwind away from a rough day at work.

The studio at 14 Robinson Road on the other hand was envisioned to be a rough-and-tumble, no-nonsense lifting space - with its concrete flooring and shadowy high ceiling akin to a forge where champions are made.

To put it simply the Telok Ayer studio is seen as the home to Level Singapore's Calisthenics and Hand Balancing classes, while the Robinson Road studio hosts its Weightlifting and Spartan programmes.

Image credit: Juan Chan, Level Singapore

Classes and Programmes

Level Singapore's Structure class is the most beginner-friendly class that is available. The basics of movement are taught here. Think push, pull, lunge, squat and hinge; and this class also gives less experienced individuals a sanctuary from the usual fast-paced, dazzling introductions found in other spaces to dial in on how they’re moving, and understand why they’re moving.