Squat and Press, Bicep Curls and Wide Push-up Workout Tips with HAUS Athletics' Sakinah

How to do a proper squat and press, bicep curl and push-up? Find out the secret of these HAUS exercise favourites with fitness trainer Sakinah Fatimus

Group fitness instructor Sakinah Fatimus of HAUS Athletics demonstrates a bicep curl. PHOTO: AMAR DONEPUDI, SPORTPLUS.SG

How to do a proper squat and press? Have you been doing the bicep curl wrong? Also what are some alternatives to the usual push-up?

Getting a good workout done isn't always about completing as many reps as possible, or doing a set as fast as you can.

Sakinah Fatimus, a group fitness trainer at Singapore gym HAUS Athletics, talks us through a few of the HAUS favourites when it comes to incorporating them into HIIT workouts.

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What is a Squat and Press?

Also known as the squat press or squat to overhead press, the squat and press involves gripping a dumbbell on each hand with palms facing inwards and elbows bent close to the body.

In this position, push back into your hips into a squat position while keeping your back straight. When your hips are below the knees in your squat, push off on both feet in one explosive movement, while pressing the dumbbells overhead by straightening both arms.

Expert Tips from Sakinah

1. Keep your feet nice and wide, shoulder width apart

2. Keep your elbows tucked in

3. Keep Dumbbells close to your Collar

4. Bring your bum down to the knee-line

5. Explode towards the Top, raising the dumbbells overhead

Both feet should be firmly on the ground while back is kept straight when going for your squat in the squat and press. PHOTO: AMAR DONEPUDI, SPORTPLUS.SG

What's the bicep curl? How to do a bicep curl correctly?

Bicep curls are known to produce hypertrophy, or muscle growth of the biceps. While it is one of the simplest and most common of workouts, it is also often done incorrectly.

The main intent of the bicep curl is to isolate the bending of the arm at the elbow, which targets the specific muscles at the front of your arms.

Expert Tips from Sakinah

1. When done standing, keep feet below your Hips

2. Palms facing away from you as you grip the dumbbell

3. Keep your elbows close to your ribs

4. Relax Your Shoulders

5. Curl your arms, then reset

HAUS Athletics Group Fitness Trainer Sakinah demonstrates a wide push-up. PHOTO: AMAR DONEPUDI, SPORTPLUS.SG

Arm Workout without Weights: Wide Push-ups

Push-ups are a great choice of upper body workout as it helps to develop both upper-body and core strength.

While there are as many variations to the push-up as there probably are trainers, the most commonly done push-up at HAUS Athletics is the wide push-up.

Beginners are recommended to begin with easier versions, or regressions while more advanced participants can try out push-up variations that are more challenging. Similar to how it's done at HAUS Athletics, you can easily incorporate the push-up into any bodyweight workout, a circuit training, or strength and conditioning exercises.

Expert Tips from Sakinah

1. Keep your hands wider than shoulder width

2. Keep Your Feet Together

3. Drop Your Chest To Elbow Height or Lower

4. Squeeze your shoulder muscles

5. Rise Back Up

HAUS Athletics Group Fitness Trainer Sakinah (right) with SportPlus.sg host and sports presenter John Yeong. PHOTO: AMAR DONEPUDI, SPORTPLUS.SG

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