Mulawear Sports Bra and Leggings for Yoga and Pilates: Athleisure Wear Review

Our Wellness Writer recently had the chance to try out Mulawear's sports bra and leggings as part of the brand's launch in Singapore, here are her thoughts


With the recent arrival of Mulawear in Singapore, word on the streets among sports and fitness enthusiasts is that Korea's number one athleisure brand will give top brands like lululemon and Alo Yoga a run for their money.

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So you can understand why I was eager to find out what the hype was all about when was invited to try out Mulawear's apparels as part of a collaboration with Off Duty Pilates studio.

Needless to say, I am not all that great at pilates, and I chose the beginner's session at Off Duty Pilates' Tanjong Pagar outlet, but that's another topic for another day.


I was given the option to choose from Mulawear's athleisure line of bra tops and leggings, and I went for the soft and support short bra top in the colour silver birch, and the new noble no cut leggings in mint gray.

These were supposed to be the famed miraculous 6 Year lifespan leggings, with Mulawear giving a firm promise to their customers that their leggings would last at least 6 years, as compared to most other brands whose leggings with everyday use expected to last for only six months.

Having tried both out in a pilates class over the weekend, here are my thoughts:


Overall support, and what did I like about it?

I really liked the material of the bra top, it’s extremely soft to the touch and it hugs the contours of my body very well without excessively pinching on my skin.

I found that the support was more than good enough for the pilates session but I wouldn't know what it’d be like if I had worn it for other more intensive physical activities such as HIIT or sports training, and would probably have to try it out for myself before I can offer an opinion on that.


What else was interesting about the sports bra?

The design of the bra top was very chic and I even had people come up to me to ask about the bra top because they thought that it looked really good and wanted to get it for themselves so that made me think "Wow! I must have made a very good choice in choosing this bra top."


What did I like most about it?

The fit of the leggings was honestly very flattering and it was also very easy to slip on. It was a good fit of tightness and didn’t make my body feel too overly compressed.


What else was interesting about these leggings?

The most interesting bit would have to be that it is promised to be able to last for six years. Obviously there is no way I can tell in this review if it will last for that long, but the fact that Mulawear is willing to put their reputation on the line with such a promise does gives customers the confidence that they are buying quality - a key value proposition of Mulawear.

Initial Concerns

Initially because I chose lighter coloured apparels I was afraid that sweat stains would show during the session but to my surprise, there was none at all so that was something I really appreciated and it also allowed me to enjoy myself without having to be too self conscious.


Final Thoughts

While I have yet to try out other products in Mulawear's athleisure line, the ones I chose I believe are very well worth the money.

If you are looking to get something for your home workout, or for yoga and pilates, these are good investments that you will truly enjoy for your next class.


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