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"Don't compare yourself with anyone" : Ginger Lam

This fresh faced F45 and Grityard gym trainer may be new to the Singapore fitness scene, but is already starting to make waves


She was never an active person growing up, and did not participate in any competitive school sport.

In fact, her only taste of competition as a student was being in the Singapore Youth Festival Chinese Orchestra for 10 years.

So what made Ginger Lam, a fitness trainer at F45 Boat Quay and Grityard today, switch gears from being less physically active to taking a leap of faith into the world of fitness instruction since early 2020?


Effectiveness of a Structured Program

Lam shared: "I’ve been going to the gym since 2013, and tried many ways to keep fit and of course I’ve never been consistent."

"My fitness goals have always been the same; to be lean and fit. Unfortunately, my training methods never got me close to my goals," she added.

"A friend of mine introduced F45 training to me and I saw some results and I believe that the structured programs are effective to achieving my fitness goals."

Having struggled in her own fitness journey, Lam wishes to help other people achieve their fitness goals by becoming a fitness trainer.


Biggest Challenges

Being really new to the industry, she feels that one of her biggest challenges is to be able to curate a workout that is challenging enough for her clients and members, as everyone's fitness levels vary - something which she is still learning and understanding a bit more of each day.

Though her time in the industry has been brief, Lam has been exposed to an array of fitness training methods, which has benefited her own education in her journey as a fitness trainer.

While coaching at F45 Boat Quay in the evenings on a weekly basis, she gets to teach cardio on odd weekdays, strength and resistance on even weekdays, while Saturdays are a combination of cardio and strength workouts.

Her time at Grityard has also seen her learn much from the co-founders Lim Yaoxiang and Lim Yao Peng, across the five pillars of strength, power, agility, core and endurance, of which she rotates on each of the Fridays when she teaches.

Image credit: Grityard Gym

Greatest Influences

So who would she credit as having the greatest influence on her fitness journey?

"I have so many to list, it's difficult for me to pick one, every trainer and even each member that I’ve met have rubbed off a little influence on me. Every class is a learning session for me," she reflected.

Teaching during Covid-19 times has also meant that Lam has had to pivot between teaching just physical classes in studios, to straddling across both physical and the online world of Zoom classes as well, which comes with its own set of challenges.

"It's a little tough when members turn off their camera, you’re unable to check their form or to challenge them further. On the other hand, face-to-face coaching, I feel there's this personal touch, you’re able to ensure their form is correct and you can push them a little further," she quipped.

"There are also equipment available to increase the intensity or to assist with regressions."

Image credit: Ginger Lam

Favourite Workout

Lam shared with that her own personal favourite workout would comprise 50 per cent cardio, 50 per cent resistance training - a good balance between exercises that she feels would bring her heart rate high up and exercises that help her in training her strength through slow controlled movements and resistance.

Patience with Progress

Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, Lam believes that being patient with your own progress, and not comparing yourself with others are important things to remember.

"If you find yourself giving up, get a friend to workout with you," she said.

"Embark on your fitness journey knowing that it is a change of your lifestyle and don’t be impatient when you don’t see results, don’t compare with yourself with anyone but yourself. Compare your own’s progress yesterday with today’s. Everyone’s body is different."

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