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Basketball: Mastering the Triple-Threat Position to make it more Effective

The Triple-Threat Stance gives an offensive basketball player the options to shoot, mass or dribble


The Triple-threat position in basketball involves being in a position where you could do any of pass, shoot, or dribble with the ball.

This is particularly advantageous for offensive players in basketball, and hence how the term "Triple-Threat Position" was coined.

Although a commonly known fact in the basketball fraternity, and practised by basketballers of all levels, not everyone knows how to execute this well to maximise its effectiveness particularly for in-game situations.

Generally, in order to get into the triple-threat position, a player needs to maintain a lower centre of gravity while keeping the ball close to your body and away from the defending player.

To create greater distance between the ball and the defender, it is also recommended that you put one foot forward.

According to Singapore basketballer Lim Jia Min, most amateur basketballers tend to forget the option to shoot, hence they remain in their straight legs when receiving the ball.

This results in creating only a double threat instead of a triple threat stance.

To make for a more effective triple-threat stance, try bending your knees when you receive the ball.

The full sequence in steps looks like this:

1. Bend Your Knees when you get the ball

2. Look at the basket to sell the fake

3. Do any of shoot, make a pass, or dribble


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About Basketball 3x3, ActiveSG Cup 2022

The ActiveSG Cup 2022 is a basketball tournament for youths 15-19 years-old. The Central and East Zones are organised by KIN Productions, with a centralised venue playing host to the qualifiers in each zone.

ActiveSG Clementi Sport Centre is the centralised venue for the Central Zone and ActiveSG Pasir Ris Sport Centre is the official venue for the East Zone.

The top two teams from each zone will qualify for the Super League, while the teams that rank third and fourth will qualify for the Prime League, with these taking place on 18 and 19 March, before a Grand Final to finish off the ActiveSG Cup action at Our Tampines Hub on 20 March.

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