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Three Teams Neck and Neck for U16s Top Spot in East Zone: ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3

Siglap Team 1 continues strong form, but Dream Team proving to be a force to be reckoned with


28 February 2022, Singapore - Dream Team ended Siglap Team 1’s dream start to the ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3 competition on day 4 of the Boys U16s East Zone qualifiers.

The latter emerged as the only undefeated team after the first day of competition on 20 Feb for the category. Coming into day 4, they maintained a positive mindset.

“We are quite confident for our upcoming matches, because we believe in our team,” said Lee Zi Woo from Siglap Team 1.


Their confidence was justified as they claimed swift victories in both of their matches in the morning — they won the first by 21-7 against No Skills Squad, and got off to a flying start in the second against Strikers.

Netting four points in the first minute, Siglap Team 1 took the lead and never looked back. Their teamwork and chemistry were faultless as they seamlessly passed the ball to each other, none of them dominating possession. Fast-paced passes often disoriented their opponent’s defense, creating numerous opportunities to score when one of their teammates was left unmarked.

Reflecting on the team’s cohesiveness, Lee said, “We’ve played together for quite a long time so we know where to run and position ourselves on the court. So, we don’t need to check if our teammate is in a position before we pass the ball during play, because we already know they’ll be there.”


The team, however, suffered a scare with more than half the match to go when Jeryl Gan emerged from a tussle clutching his ankle. He limped off the court for the medics to examine him, as play continued. With no substitutes, Team Siglap 1 had to bite the bullet and play one man down.

This was Striker’s chance to capitalise on their player advantage which lasted for over a minute. However, the one point they netted during that period did little to close in on the lead that Team Siglap 1 had already built.

Gan came back onto court at half time looking slightly bruised, while Striker substituted two of their players. Yet, when play resumed, it was business as usual for Team Siglap 1 who kept up their strong form to close out the match. The final score was Team Siglap 1 18 - 2 Strikers.


After the match, Gan said that he felt fine.

Receiving a walkover for their third match, Team Siglap 1 were left with only one more match against Dream Team for the day.

Although Dream Team lost their first match in the competition, that seemed more of an exception as they have won every match since.

A close-fought match between the two teams saw Dream Team claiming the win by just a narrow margin of two points (15-13).


As teams Klids and AAJ have withdrawn from the competition, every team will thus receive two walkovers. Though Siglap Team 1, Dream Team and SGBasketball Sapphire are tied in the standings with only one loss each, Dream Team seem to be in prime position for top of the table as they have yet to receive their walkovers.

The eight spots in the next round are far from confirmed, and it is still anybody’s game going into the final day of qualifiers next week.

In the Boys U19s East Zone qualifiers which took place on day 3, Seafood defeated both their closest rivals — PrimeTime and Mcbuckets — to extend their unbeaten run in the competition.


ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3

Full Results from Sat, 27 February 2022

Central Zone, Boys U16 Group A

ActiveSG Pasir Ris Sport Hall

Big Ballers 20-0 (WO) Klids

Siglap CSC Boys U16 15-11 Petal Boys

Siglap Team 1 21-7 No Skills Squad

Dream Team 16-6 Not So Fantastic 4

The Imported Ones 9-5 Strikers

AAJ (WO) 0-20 Strikers Two

Maker Ballers 9-17 SGBasketball Sapphire

Big Ballers 10-8 No Skills Squad

Siglap CSC Boys U16 13-5 Not So Fantastic 4

Siglap Team 1 18-2 Strikers

Maker Ballers 12-15 Petal Boys

Dream Team 17-2 Strikers Two

The Imported Ones 20-0 (WO) AAJ

Klids (WO) 0-20 SGBasketball Sapphire

Maker Ballers 13-8 Not So Fantastic 4

Big Ballers 1-9 Strikers

Klids (WO) 0-20 No Skills Squad

Siglap CSC Boys U16 6-3 Strikers Two

Siglap Team 1 20-0 (WO) AAJ

Petal Boys 5-21 SGBasketball Sapphire

The Imported Ones 7-13 Dream Team

Klids (WO) 0-20 Strikers

Petal Boys 8-6 Not So Fantastic 4

Maker Ballers 12-8 Strikers Two

Big Ballers 20-0 (WO) AAJ

The Imported Ones 12-9 Siglap CSC Boys U16

Siglap Team 1 13-15 Dream Team

No Skills Squad 17-22 SGBasketball Sapphire

Big Ballers 6-3 Not So Fantastic 4

Strikers 9-12 Siglap CSC Boys U16

About Basketball 3x3, ActiveSG Cup 2022

The ActiveSG Cup 2022 is a basketball tournament for youths 15-19 years-old. The Central and East Zones are organised by KIN Productions, with a centralised venue playing host to the qualifiers in each zone.

ActiveSG Clementi Sport Centre is the centralised venue for the Central Zone and ActiveSG Pasir Ris Sport Centre is the official venue for the East Zone.

The top two teams from each zone will qualify for the Super League, while the teams that rank third and fourth will qualify for the Prime League, with these taking place on 18 and 19 March, before a Grand Final to finish off the ActiveSG Cup action at Our Tampines Hub on 20 March.

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