10 Types of Runners feat. Cheryl Tay and John Yeong

From the fashionable runner to the watch addict runner, try and spot yourself or your runner friends who fall into these ten categories

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You don't need to be a regular runner to spot these funny and interesting runner types and characters!

While running is officially the most popular individual sport in Singapore that has only continued to grow exponentially over the past 18 months due to COVID-19, have you paid attention to what kind of runners there are?

Fun Fact

The National Sports Participation Survey (NSPS) conducted by Sport Singapore showed running as the most popular individual sport, eclipsing even that of most popular team sport (football).

We profiled 10 types of runners, as acted out by host Cheryl Tay (@cheryltaysg) and sports presenter John Yeong (@thejohnyeong).

How many of these can you relate to? Or are some of your friends like that too?

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1. The Serious Runner

This runner takes everything super seriously. There is no margin for error, and no time for laughs for the super serious runner.

Discipline is key, and as for routines, everything is like clockwork.

In fact, you may just spot this runner bringing out a foam roller for a run, because it isn't enough that they are serious. The world needs to know they are serious about running.

2. The Watch Addict

It's one thing to track your runs and to use it as a gauge to improve your performance over your running journey.

It's another thing altogether to live your life by the millisecond of every watch you wear. This type of runner probably owns more than one sports watch as well.

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3. The Over-Enthusiastic Runner

Maybe you're not a morning person. Or maybe you are not an evening person. If that's the case you definitely aren't a runner in this category because this runner is super enthusiastic and extra motivated just about every little detail.

The over-enthusiastic runner is extra hyped, and can sometimes be seen encouraging random runners along a running route - strangers who most likely don't even know her.

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4. The Insta-Runner

Most of us are guilty of doing things for the gram. But what about runners? Have you seen runners who are content creators who have the need to document their entire running journey for social media?

We know of at least one insta-runner here who is guilty of this, and he is not the least embarassed about it.

5. The Scared-Of-Sun Runner

Why run if you are scared of the sun? That's a good question we wish to ask this scared-of-sun runner.

While it is important to have a skin care routine that protects you from sun exposure, you may have spotted some runners who have taken this to the extreme by wearing long sleeves and caps all in the name of protecting their skin.

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6. The Shirtless Runner

Every running group has a runner who finds every opportunity to strip and let the world know they have a "good" body.

Mind you, not every one of these shirtless runners necessarily have a good physique, but that doesn't stop them from showing the world what their birthday suit means to them.

7. The Full-Of-Excuses Runner

We all have that one friend who says they will workout tomorrow or run tomorrow.

This category is dedicated to that full-of-excuses runner who was supposed to have run yesterday and today, but was unable to because of weather conditions, skin rashes, the dog eating their homework and their mothers calling them at the last minute to do household chores.

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8. The Egoistic Runner

Ever ran with someone you may or may not know along the same route, but who just can't seem to let you be faster than them?

Yes, we all know of someone or have shared an experience with these cannot-lose kiasu egoistic runners.

9. The Fashionable Runner

Running is no longer about performance these days, neither is it just about keeping fit.

For many, it is an extra reason to look fashionable. From sunglasses to sports bras, running tops, running shoes and leggings, the fashionable runner is known more for what he or she wears than for running itself.

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10. The Clingy Runner

When a running companion feels more like that stalker in school you never asked for.

Never mind that you agreed to go for a run with this clingy runner friend, you cannot have a moment's peace or even head to the toilet without them wanting to tag along.

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