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What you need for Road Cycling: Singapore Cycling Series

A Cycling guide on equipping for beginners who are new to Road Cycling


Ever wondered why cyclists on the road seem to be fully geared up, and curious to find out what each of those cycling gears are for?

If you are new to road cycling and wondering what the essential items you need are then you are in luck!

In this episode of The Better Show, hawker hunk Walter Tay is back to learn about the essential items he needs if and when he decides to start road cycling.

Host and triathlete Cheryl Tay talks him through the following cycling essentials:

1. Helmet

It is mandatory to wear a helmet to protect your head while cycling on the roads in Singapore.

2. Sunglasses

Used to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun, sunnies are an essential item for all cyclists who plan to cycle across country.

3. Cycling Jersey

The material used in most cycling jerseys are made of moisture wicking fabric, which dries really fast and also helps with aero dynamism, aiding you to cycle faster.

4. Cycling Bib

Cycling Chamois and paddings are generally used to prevent abrasions, for friction control and moisture management. These provide better comfort for the cyclist while on the road.


5. Cycling Shoes

Cycling Cleats help you to clip onto your bicycle pedal, unlike normal shoes that only allow you to focus on your downward strokes while pedaling. Cycling cleats help smooth out your stroke and improve your overall pedaling efficiency.

6. Bike Computer

A bike computer, similar to other fitness gadgets and trackers, provide specific data from your rides to help you monitor your progress and also give useful insights for improvement of your performance.


7. Emergency Tool Kit

A typical Emergency Tool Kit for cyclists would involve a spare tube and CO2 cartridge. These are critical for you to bring on your rides, as you never know what may happen when you are cycling on the roads, with punctured tires a realistic possibility. A single cartridge is enough to fill up an entire tube.


8. Bicycle Lights

Front lights and rear lights are needed for cyclists in order to be visible on the roads, and also for other road users to see you in order to avoid accidents.

9. Cycling Bottle

In order to stay hydrated when you go for longer rides, it is important that you bring along a water bottle. Special cycling bottles can be purchased either online or at a variety of sport stores.


Important! : Always remember that it is mandatory to wear a helmet when cycling on the road and no, you don't need underwear when you're wearing the bib.

For each episode of The Better Show, Orange Room is giving away $50 cash to one lucky winner, as their way of supporting your fitness journey. All your names will also go into the grand draw of $1,000 cash at their year end celebration!

The Better Show is a brand new series brought to you by Orange Room and hosted by Cheryl Tay to help enrich your active lifestyle and empower you with the right skills to help you in your cycling, running and swimming endeavours.

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