8 Running Tips for a Safe Run during Covid-19

Singapore running YouTuber Runner Kao shares useful tips for regular runners on how to keep safe while working out

Image Credit: Runner Kao YouTube

Running in the park has not quite been the same over the past year thanks to Mr Corona, and while running to keep fit and to stay healthy is one of the favourite past times for many runners, it is vital that we keep in mind a few things to ensure that public health safety is not compromised.

Here, online running personality, YouTuber and TikToker Runner Kao shares eight useful tips for runners, whether you are running in the park, the stadium or other public places.

1. Try to Run Alone or with Household Members

While the latest Safe Management Measures (SMM) allow for up to groups of 5 for outdoor exercises without mask, Runner Kao encourages even smaller groups where possible to reduce the risk of intermingling and spread

2. Maintain a 10 metre Safety Distance from Other Park Goers

While there is some evidence that droplet and aerosolized spread of coronavirus can be spread more than the recommended 6 feet, most experts still agree that the likelihood of transmission of the virus while running outside is very low.

That being said, it is good advice to avoid running too close to other members of public, out of consideration for others, as well as to protect yourself.

3. Alert Park Goers or Road Users when Crossing or Overtaking

This is generally good etiquette for runners regardless of where you may be running at. Not everyone has good spatial awareness, and sometimes you may even encounter small groups talking while enjoying a stroll. Alerting pedestrians and cyclists of your next intended move or change in direction will help avoid any unnecessary accidents.

4. Avoid Running Side by Side with Fellow Runners

In cases where you are not running alone, you should avoid running side by side with your running buddy and chatting. This reduces the risk of transmission from a public health perspective, and also avoids road hogging for certain narrow two direction roads or routes, such as MacRitchie Reservoir.

Image Credit: Runner Kao YouTube

5. Bring Along a Towel to Wipe Off Sweat

As with other recommendations on the practices of good hygiene such as washing your hands regularly; wiping off your sweat during and after exercise is a considerate act, and one that is good to upkeep

6. Avoid Contact with Public Surfaces

Numerous studies around the world have shown that a high percentage of infections has been caused by the touching of faces after a person's hands have been in contact with public surfaces such as lift / elevator buttons, cash, hand rails. As such even while running it is good practise to keep your hands to yourself!

Image Credit: Runner Kao YouTube

7. Have Ample Hydration Before, During and After a Run

Most people who workout regularly will know of the importance of hydration - before, during and after a run, to replace lost fluids.

But for those who find it challenging to stay hydrated on longer runs, adding in some extra electrolytes as part of your hydration strategy is a useful tip!

8. Remember to Wear Your Mask Before and After Your Workout

Having had a quick breather and recovered your composure after your run, you should immediately wear your mask, just as you should only take off your mask right before your run and not too long prior.

For more informative running videos, check out Runner Kao's YouTube Channel, or follow him on TikTok here.

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