Shoe lace tie hack to avoid ankle sprains: Running Tips

Useful tips for everyday runners to reduce the risk of aches and pains or serious injuries


We bring you more Running Tips with another useful hack that can help you avoid those nasty and unwanted ankle sprains.

Need a hint? It's in how you tie your shoelaces.

Want to learn how? Just follow these simple steps given by Team Singapore Modern Pentathlete Shermaine Tung :

Step 1 : Remove your shoelace from the top and leave one eyelet open

Next, instead of having your shoelace go directly across your shoe to the other eyelet, take your shoelace and insert it into the top eyelet on the same side of the shoe to form a loop, leaving about a finger spacing

Do the same for the other side.


Step 2 : After you have done so, take the end of your shoelace of any one side and thread it through the small loop you have created on the opposite side of the shoe.

Do likewise for the other side of the shoe, and repeat for both your other shoe


Step 3 : Complete the process by tying your shoes the way you usually do.

This ensures your foot will be kept in place during your run, thus reducing the risk of you turning your ankles and having ankle sprains.

You are most welcome!


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