From Freelance Actor to Singapore Masters Runner: Paul Martin

Journey from running to escape remedial training to representing Singapore


He began running during his NS days because he wanted to avoid staying back on weekends for remedial training. Little did he know that it would give him the foundation to be a strong runner in later years.

For flight attendant Paul Martin, running wasn't always his go to sport. But he has come to fall in love with it the more he has run in recent years, and is even representing Singapore now in the Masters category.

Martin brings with him varied life experiences, having once been a freelance talent and actor in his youth, with some of the shows he has acted in being carried on Netflix.

"It was quite fun while it lasted, you meet all kinds of people in the entertainment industry," he shared. "But now that I'm older I want to do something a little more subtle."

And what of his journey into running? After all there is a significant difference between running to pass your IPPT and performance training, which is what he does now.


"My main goal was to avoid remedial training so that I can go home on weekends," he said. "But somehow my running timing hit gold timing, and I was later posted to a Guards unit, where the culture in the unit was all about running."

When asked why he chose running over other sports, he said: "Running is the one sport where all you need is a pair of shoes, some running attire, you can go downstairs, zoom in and zoom out, half an hour and you are done."

"You can run here, you can run on the track, run on a treadmill, or run in the trail - whatever rocks your boat."

With so many different options of running available, which is Martin's personal favourite?

"I personally love running on the roads," he replied. "Everywhere in Singapore, everywhere around the world when I travel."


"My second favourite would be on the track, because it's where you learn the fundamentals, how to run right, your pacing, your strides etc, and it helps you for running on the roads and trail as well."

His favourite running? Marina Bay. Cliche but we suppose it is also many Singaporean's favourite running route as well.

"The Marina Bay area is great. First of all it's so scenic, so you feel a lot less tired on your runs. Secondly, you bump into a lot of familiar faces, and you get to say hi to everyone," he said with a grin.

"My other choice would probably be the East Coast (Park) area. You don't have any hills there, it's flat ground and just speed all the way."

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