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UA SPORTSMASK Featherweight: Under Armour's best selling Sports Mask just got better

Made with high-performance materials, UA's second generation Sports Mask is designed for all-day wear


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Under Armour this week launched the UA SPORTSMASK Featherweight, an upgrade from its hugely popular sports mask that made its debut in July 2020.

While vaccine rollouts have gained momentum both in Singapore and across the globe, the resurgence of infections and a new delta variant means that mask wearing is most likely here to stay, even when you head for your workouts - particularly when done indoors.

This is where UA's sports mask designed for athletes comes in handy. And while the first generation sports mask was already a best-seller, UA has taken an extra step to receive feedback and refined the technology and design even further for its version two sports mask.



Probably the most noticeable difference between the UA SPORTSMASK Featherweight and the first generation UA Sports Mask is the significant amount of excess material that has been removed from the mask.

This makes the mask a lot less bulky aesthetically, making for a better fit with a molded shape and suede like material on the nose bridge it provides a more comfortable fit.

If you weren't a fan of the protruding box-like feel of the first generation mask, you'll love the sleek design and fit of the new UA SPORTSMASK Featherweight.

This also undoubtedly came after some feedback from users that the first generation sports mask gets heavy when soaked in sweat.



While the UA SPORTSMASK Featherweight still features a three-layered system, it allows for even better airflow, making it a more breathable mask while maintaining filtration levels that meet recommended guidelines.

Layer 1: Storm Knit Fabric

The molded outer shell sits off your mouth and nose to create better air flow, louder acoustics and lighter weight than AirGap fabric in version 1 of the Sports Mask

Layer 2: Open Cell Foam

The reduced size of the foam middle layer lets air flow through but still makes it harder for moisture and sweat to pass, all while reducing the weight by 40 percent

Layer 3: UA ISO-CHILL technology

The fabric usually feels cool against your skin, stretches and has an anti-microbial treatment



Similar to its first generation, UA SPORTSMASK Featherweight sizes range from XS to XXL. If you can't decide between two sizes, we would recommend true-to-size fit because of the molded shape of the new mask, which makes it more form fitting.

Here is a sizing chart should you need some help to decide which sports mask size best fits you.