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Siglap Team 1 Claim Top Spot in Boys U16 East Zone Finals: ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3

SGBasketball Sapphire takes second place and will join Siglap Team 1 in Super League

SGBasketball Sapphire (in white) takes on Siglap Team 1 in the East Zone Final. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

13 March 2022, Singapore - Siglap Team 1 took first place in the U16 Boys East Zone Finals of the ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3 competition after a thrilling final match against SGBasketball Sapphire, helping both teams to qualify for the Super League that's set to take place next weekend in the process.

In line with their strong form shown in the previous three weeks of the competition, Siglap Team 1 achieved their feat without dropping a single game.

On the other hand, SGBasketball Sapphire suffered two defeats—though both were at the hands of the zonal champions, due to the competition format.

SGBasketball Sapphire (in white) takes on Siglap Team 1 in the East Zone Final. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

The teams were nip and tuck in the initial stages of the match with the score level at five-all nearing the halfway point. However, the level required of SGBasketball Sapphire to hold off Siglap Team 1 proved to be unsustainable, and the latter gained the upper hand for the rest of the match, eventually winning 21-12.

“I think we did quite a good job within the first three to four minutes—we held out, we stayed disciplined and managed to get good shots,” said Ong Yi Xun from SGBasketball Sapphire, regarding how the final match panned out for his team.

Both teams now face new challenges in the Super League next week, where they will come up against the rest of Singapore’s top teams. Despite this, they are confident in their ability to put up a good fight.

SGBasketball Sapphire (in white) takes on Siglap Team 1 in the East Zone Final. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

“First is definitely the goal. But most importantly: do our best, get out there, and learn,” said SGBasketball Sapphire’s Jared Gonong on the aims of his team for the Super League.

Similarly, in response to the question of what their goal for the Super League was, the players of Siglap Team 1 responded with a unanimous declaration to finish in “first”.

Elaborating further on their goals, Jeryl Gan from the team added, “We feel very honoured to be able to get into the Super League. There, we will continue to put in our best—to improve and play to the best of our capabilities, and hopefully be able to claim something.”

SGBasketball Sapphire (in white) takes on Siglap Team 1 in the East Zone Final. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

After four weeks of zonal competitions, the players were thoughtful in their reflections on how their teams had developed and improved.

“I think progressively our team chemistry got a bit better, so our performance also got better,” said Lee Ziwoo for Siglap Team 1, “the first week we were a bit raw because it was the first time we played with each other in a 3x3 environment. Then subsequently over the next few weeks, we understood the way each other plays, so it suited us better.”

ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3 winners medals. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

For SGBasketball Sapphire, Ong Yi Xun said, “I’m actually very satisfied with how the last four weeks went. We never played a single week with a complete team—we always had one guy out—so the fact that we managed to get this far is a testament to how hard my team works, and I’m just very thankful to play alongside these people.”

For the U19 Boys East Zone, Seafood and NPSI Jaguar will be heading to the Super League after finishing first and second respectively in their finals held on 12 Mar.

The boys will be looking to rest well before heading to the ActiveSG Clementi Sport Hall next week where the Super League will be held.

SGBasketball Sapphire (in white) takes on Siglap Team 1 in the East Zone Final. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3

Full Results from Sun, 13 March 2022

Central Zone, Boys U16 Group A

ActiveSG Clementi Sport Hall

Siglap Team 1 21-3 Strikers

The Imported Ones 16-11 Siglap CSC U16 Boys

Maker Ballers 8-21 SGBasketball Sapphire

Not So Fantastic 4 7-17 Dream Team

Strikers 6-8 Siglap CSC U16 Boys

Maker Ballers 19-8 Not So Fantastic 4

Siglap Team 1 21-13 The Imported Ones

SGBasketball Sapphire 18-14 Dream Team

Maker Ballers 15-19 The Imported Ones

Siglap CSC U16 Boys 13-17 Dream Team

Siglap Team 1 21-15 SGBasketball Sapphire

Maker Ballers 9-8 Siglap CSC U16 Boys - 5th/6th Placing

The Imported Ones 20-21 Dream Team - 4th Placing

Dream Team 12-15 SGBasketball Sapphire - 3rd Placing

Siglap Team 1 21-12 SGBasketball Sapphire - Finals

About Basketball 3x3, ActiveSG Cup 2022

The ActiveSG Cup 2022 is a basketball tournament for youths 15-19 years-old. The Central and East Zones are organised by KIN Productions, with a centralised venue playing host to the qualifiers in each zone.

ActiveSG Clementi Sport Centre is the centralised venue for the Central Zone and ActiveSG Pasir Ris Sport Centre is the official venue for the East Zone.

The top two teams from each zone will qualify for the Super League, while the teams that rank third and fourth will qualify for the Prime League, with these taking place on 18 and 19 March, before a Grand Final to finish off the ActiveSG Cup action at Our Tampines Hub on 20 March.

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