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King Julian and Team 828 Put on Masterclass to Win Central Zone Final: ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball

Team Titans looking ahead to next stage of competition after conquering Zonal Finals

Team 828 lifting the Zonal Championship Trophy. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

12 March 2022, Singapore - Do not worry; there isn’t a lemur out on the loose, but there was a crowning ceremony as Team 828, better known as Team Titans, who claimed first place in this year’s ActiveSG Cup 2022 3x3 Basketball tournament held at the Clementi Sports Hall.

Julian Lin (centre) barging his way to the rim against Proform Gold. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

The player that stole the spotlight was Julian Lin, with no affiliation to Jeremy Lin. Without their team captain, Kellen, Julian took on the reigns and displayed a workshop on free throws and ways to manoeuvre through defences for a lay-up.

The boys in blue and white saw no difficulty in sweeping past their opponents even before the final buzzer could sound off by reaching the limit of 21 points in every single match – 21-8 (The Nubs) 21-4 (The Skyscrapers) 21-8 (Proform Gold) 21-8 (Proform Gold – Final).

When asked what they thought about their performance, Julian cheekily replied, “We just had easy opponents, and we didn’t want to wait for the whole ten minutes”.

After conquering the zone title, Team Titans look forward to the proper finals next week, and with performances like these, don’t be surprised to see King Julian’s Titans beating the timer all over again.

Heathe “Master Shredder” Billingslea giving Ninja Turtles a fright. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

There were other clashes during the zonal knockout stages, with many surrounding the theme of revenge as most teams got to play against opponents from their group stages.

One standout match happened when Team Proform Gold faced their familiar foes Team Ninja Turtles, in the Winner’s Bracket and the Third Placing Playoff, respectively.

Back in the group stages, the Ninja Turtles performed admirably took the win against the boys in red. The missing figure in that clash was Heathe Billingslea.

“When you can’t beat the Ninja Turtles, you call upon Master Shredder to finish the job”, proclaimed Heathe as he made his way towards the court. He said, “All we want is revenge, and we guarantee it today.”

Ninja Turtles Torn Apart by The Shredder

Ninja Turtles were ready and pumped, knowing they’d won this team once already. However, unlike in every comic, this one saw the downfall of the turtles, and Billingslea made sure they were shredded apart over two occasions, 21-8 and 21-15.

“That’s how you do it,” said Billingslea after he sunk the game-ending three-pointer to give his team bragging rights over Team Ninja Turtles.

Team Proform couldn’t follow through on their form and lost in the finals. One can only wonder if revenge would be a reoccurring theme in the grand finals next week.

Hien from Team BBB being helped up by teammate, Jay, and Jian Heng from Siglap Team 3.


Although the competitive spirit was intense, it was excellent to see team members showing great sportsmanship and even taking their break times together, sharing their views on the games they played and keeping up that basketball fever in the air.

Win or lose; I think every participant should be proud to pit themselves against each other and enjoy the competitive nature of the sport.

Moving forward, the top four teams from the central zone will face off against the other top four teams in the east zone in the grand final. Judging from the action served up today, we are definitely in store for more enthralling action, so definitely keep on this space.

ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3

Full Results from Sat, 12 March 2022

Central Zone, Boys U19 Group B

ActiveSG Clementi Sport Hall

Proform Gold 17-6 Siglap Team 3

Ninja Turtles 11-9 BBB

KKB 10-13 SkyScrapers

The Nubs 8-21 Team 828

Siglap Team 3 13-18 BBB

KKB 12-11 The Nubs

Proform Gold 21-8 Ninja Turtles

Skyscrapers 4-21 Team 828

KKB 9-15 Ninja Turtles

BBB 10-11 Skyscrapers

Proform Gold 8-21 Team 828

KKB 18-19 BBB – 5/6th Placing

Ninja Turtles 14-12 Skyscrapers – 4th Placing

Ninja Turtles 15-21 Proform Gold – 3rd Placing

Team 828 21-8 Proform Gold - Finals

About Basketball 3x3, ActiveSG Cup 2022

The ActiveSG Cup 2022 is a basketball tournament for youths 15-19 years-old. The Central and East Zones are organised by KIN Productions, with a centralised venue playing host to the qualifiers in each zone.

ActiveSG Clementi Sport Centre is the centralised venue for the Central Zone and ActiveSG Pasir Ris Sport Centre is the official venue for the East Zone.

The top two teams from each zone will qualify for the Super League, while the teams that rank third and fourth will qualify for the Prime League, with these taking place on 18 and 19 March, before a Grand Final to finish off the ActiveSG Cup action at Our Tampines Hub on 20 March.

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