Martial Arts: Self Defence Moves for Beginners with Neue Fit's Grace Huang

Pick up useful self defence techniques such as blocking a straight punch, defending against hooks and overhead punches, and escaping when you are pinned to the ground


While Singapore is a relatively safe country, picking up martial arts techniques for the purpose of self-defence can always be a useful endeavour, particularly now that traveling is on the cards again.

Taking a step away from using martial arts for the purpose of fitness training, we explore the topic of martial arts for its original intent - self defence.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Self Defence Instructor Grace Huang of Neue Fit SG shares with us 3 useful techniques for the next time you have a crazed attacker charging you down because, one can just never be too sure can we?

How To Block a Straight Punch

1. On the same side that the punch is coming, you need to push the punch away from you as you step in. Make sure you are pushing the arm towards your opponent, not away

2. You're going to push the (punching) arm as it comes in, and as you step in use your elbow

3. Make sure that you connect the pointed end of your elbow against your attacker's face

Defending Against Hooks and Overhead Punches

1. Step into the punch, this time blocking the punch with your elbow

2. Step in with the same side, blocking the bicep of your opponent with your free hand. This is to prevent him from attacking you from that side

3. Next step, you're going to wrap your arm around the attacker's arm to grap hold of his tricep from behind, bringing his body as close to you as possible

4. Step in with your other foot, straighten your leg and pull your attacker down from behind to trip him with your extended leg

Escaping When You are Pinned Down

If you find yourself pinned down on the ground with someone sitting on top of you, this is how you get out:

1. Get your attacker squarely on your hips, and keep them there by having your elbows in the middle of their thighs. This prevents them from moving any further

2. Bring your heels close to your bum, before moving up into a bridge position just as they are about to throw a punch


3. This pushes them off balance - make sure as they fall forward their hands connect with the ground, before you move into a bear hug

4. Hold them tight to ensure they can't lift their arms anymore to punch you

5. Next, point your hands all the way up and bring them right back around to lock your attacker's arm, trapping it behind their body


6. Trapping their foot on the same side with your feet, go into a bridge position before throwing them up and over your shoulder all on the same side

To learn more about Mixed Martial Arts or martial arts fitness in general, pay a visit to Neue Fit gym, which is located at Kallang Wave Mall, 1 Stadium Pl, #02-07, Singapore 397628.

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