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How To Set Up a Spin Bike

From understanding different parts of a spin bike, to setting it up for your first spin class, learn more about what makes a spin bike fit in this feature here


Going to your first spin class can be daunting, especially in a room full of participants with significantly more experience. While the instructors and experienced riders will most likely be willing to show you the ropes, having some basic tips and know-how on spin bikes would definitely be useful and help you feel a little more prepared.

With the help of Sync Cycle instructors Tricia Amanda Lee and Jocelyn Tan, find out more about how to set up the bike and learn about its different parts here in our feature on spin bikes.

1. Height of Saddle

First on the list is how to adjust the height of the seat, also commonly known as the saddle. The appropriate setting is for the saddle to be at the height of your hip bone as you stand next to it. To adjust the height, simply unscrew the knob at the back of the bike and move it up and down.


2. Distance between Saddle and Handlebar

Once that is done, the next part of the bike to adjust is the distance between the saddle and the handlebars. For you to ride comfortably, the length between the two should be that of your forearm, with your hands balled into a fist.

This time, look for a knob right underneath the saddle and loosen it to slide the saddle backwards and forwards.


3. Height of Handle Bar

Lastly, adjusting the height of the handlebars is also important! It should be either the same height as the saddle or just about an inch higher.

Be careful while adjusting this, as the handlebar can be heavy. With one hand holding on to the handle, use the other to unscrew the knob at the front of the bike. Similar to the height of the saddle, you’ll be able to adjust the handlebar up and down.

Sync Cycle Instructor, Tricia Amanda. PHOTO: SPORTPLUS.SG

4. Clipping On

Once your bike is good to go, there is only one step left before you’re ready to start your spin journey. Once you’re comfortably sat on the bike, take note of the triangle on the pedals. It should always be facing forward before you clip your shoes in.

To clip on, fit the cleat found underneath your spin shoes into the triangle on the pedal. The cleat will fit perfectly, and you should hear a ‘click’ when done correctly! Once that is done, you are all set to sweat it out.

Sync Cycle Instructor, Tricia Amanda presenting several Cycling Shoes. PHOTO: SPORTPLUS.SG

5. Getting to know your bike

Getting to know your bike is also essential to be able to follow the instructor during the class.

Firstly, the handlebars have four positions. During different parts of the class, you may hear your instructor calling for you to place your hands on four other parts of the bar.

Position one is the small, curved bridge-like part at the base of the bar. Positions two are the U-shaped cuffs at the sides. Positions three are the two tips of the bar and lastly, position four is a prominent, inverted U-shape at the top.

The final thing to take note of is the resistance knob which is a red knob below the handlebar. This knob determines the intensity and how hard you would have to pedal. The higher the resistance, the more it trains your core and legs. Listen to your instructor for which settings are required as it may change throughout the class!

Sync Cycle Instructor, Jocelyn Tan performing a Spin Class.


Remembering these tips will help you feel prepared but fret not, as there will always be help on hand! The most important thing is to enjoy the class.

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