Cycling fuelled 5-year old Tanvi’s curiosity and sense of adventure

Completing her first-ever OCBC Cycle virtual ride at the age of 5, this little cyclist is experiencing the world around her one ride at a time


Growing up during the COVID-19 lockdowns, Tanvi Sidharth Naik’s days were spent confined to her apartment in Changi, experiencing the world through windows and screens. She learnt to cycle with the help of training wheels when she was just two years old, but that was put on pause when the pandemic struck in early 2020.

With the easing of COVID-19 measures, Tanvi’s mother, Ms Pavithra Naik, looked for avenues that would allow her daughter to experience the world and found one through the Mighty Savers® Kids Virtual Ride. She recalled how happy Tanvi was when she finally saw her bicycle again.


The Mighty Savers® Kids Virtual Ride is a 5km virtual ride for children up to 12 years old. Participants had to cycle the distance required over a maximum of four rides either indoor or outdoor between 7 May to 6 June 2022.

For Ms Pavithra, the virtual ride was perfect because her family could plan rides around their schedules. Ms Pavithra planned for Tanvi to complete the event in three rides as she was mindful not to tire Tanvi out and to ensure that the experience was fun for her daughter.

“The virtual ride was very convenient because it allowed us to dictate where we wanted to go and when you have a child, it is good to have flexibility”, she shared.


“When planning the rides, the first thing I had to consider was her mood. I would avoid taking her out for a ride if she wasn’t feeling up to it”, Ms Pavithra shared.

To keep Tanvi motivated, Ms Pavithra would show her the distance she had covered on her rides and this gave Tanvi a great sense of pride in what she had accomplished.

“The other thing that she really enjoyed was the medal. It was something she really wanted and that also kept her going. She was so delighted when it finally arrived.”


Playing outdoors gives children space to explore, deepen their curiosity of the world around them and just be kids. For Tanvi, her cycling adventures also stimulated her imagination.

“Tanvi is a very active child and she loves the outdoors. She is also inquisitive and even while she is cycling, she will stop if there is something she finds interesting,” said Ms Pavithra.

“She calls herself the butterfly doctor, and she’s always going around picking up insects, flowers, leaves, anything she can get her hands on.”


Participating in mass sporting events does not have to be limited to adults and could be a fun way to introduce children to sport and the concept of working towards something.

Tanvi is eagerly awaiting the next OCBC Cycle in 2023, but for now you will find her and Ms Pavithra, on their little cycling adventures around parks in Singapore.

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