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Meet the cyclist behind the viral TikTok video: Mikey Cruiserian

Find out more about the cyclist behind the viral TikTok video that has garnered over 800,000 views and counting, and get some bonus cycling tips for beginners

Mikey Cruiserian about to head out for a cycle along his favourite cycling route. PHOTO: MIKEY CRUISERIAN

Even if you do not own a TikTok account, you might have come across this cyclist’s demotivational motivational video from a friend or from one of the digital media platforms that shared it.

But just in case you are not one of the 800,000 views, here’s a recap of Mikey Cruiserian's viral video:

The uplifting melody of the background music sets the tone for what one might think is going to be an inspirational yet predictable ending, until proven otherwise. A typical “wait for it…” moment.

When asked why he thought the video went viral, Mikey said, “I guess it was because the ending of the video was unexpected, and maybe viewers were also touched by the honesty of my revealed weight. And maybe the video was hilarious.”

He knew that the video was going to be a funny one, but he never expected for it to go viral.

Mikey has successfully combined his interests in cycling, photography, videography and spreading laughter into a feed of entertaining content.

Many of Mikey’s videos include his sporting wife, who usually appears as being disapproving of his cycling. In case you were wondering, Mikey shared that his videos are purely for entertainment purposes.

Wearing his favourite signature bright yellow M&M cycling jersey, Mikey can often be spotted on Singapore's roads cycling with his friends. PHOTO: MIKEY CRUISERIAN

“My intention is to spread love and laughter all around. In real life, my wife is very lovely and supportive of my cycling and content creation.”

His journey as a cyclist started in 2006 during his days as a full-time National Serviceman (NSF) when he would cycle from his home to camp. After a hiatus from 2008 - 2021, a friend encouraged him to pick up cycling again.

Mikey now consistently cycles twice a week and records over 100 - 160km per week. He also recently invested in a Brompton folding bike to commute from home to work and back.

“I love cycling because of the wind, speed, view and feeling of freedom. Cycling is now my main type of exercise as I can no longer play soccer due to a knee condition.”

Mikey Cruiserian cycling along Yishun Dam, a stretch of road which he calls "bumpy" and has created more than one of his TikTok videos on. PHOTO: MIKEY CRUISERIAN

Mikey’s cycling tips for new riders


Adjust your seat post to the correct height so that your knees are extended correctly when pedaling. Choose the right saddle and use padded cycling pants for comfort even on long rides.

Use cycling gloves to protect your palms in the event of a fall and for sweat absorption to prevent slippery palms during your ride. Use a cycling jersey to keep you dry when cycling.


Get a good helmet to protect your head and wear it properly at all times during your ride.

Use a front white light and a rear red light so that you are visible to others especially when riding in dark areas. Be sure to tilt your front white light down to avoid blinding oncoming cyclists or pedestrians.

If you are riding through sandy areas, wear riding glasses to prevent fine sand from getting into your eyes.

Enjoy the Ride

Join a cycling group as it would be more fun to explore places when cycling together with friends.

Focus on the journey instead of speed. If you push yourself too hard, you may get burnt out just after a few rides. Cycling is not always about how fast you can go.

If you’re cycling along Yishun Dam, the Punggol Park Connector Network (PCN) or Changi Bay Point, some of Mikey’s favourite cycling routes, do keep a lookout for that signature bright yellow M&M jersey.