The Benefits of Cycling to Keep Fit: The Better Show (Ep 6)

6 benefits of cycling, and 3 tips for beginner cyclists to enjoy your ride

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In a time where travel is restricted, it wouldn't be surprising if you noticed more cyclists on the roads.

In fact, multiple news reports have documented a global shortage of bicycles which started from 2020 during the first lockdowns of the COVID pandemic, which has carried over to 2021 due to its an increase in demand and popularity.

If we are to think of it, it is not difficult to figure out why cycling is such a popular sport for both individuals and families. Apart from its well documented health benefits, it is also less strenuous than running with no direct impact with the ground.

In this episode of The Better Show, host and triathlete Cheryl Tay continues her chat with Claire Jedrek, to find out more about the lesser known benefits of cycling and more cycling tips for beginners in Singapore.

So what are some of the already well known benefits of cycling? Here are a few that we could think of:

1) Low Impact with less strain on the joints

2) Uses all major muscle groups

3) Life Skill - you never forget how to cycle

4) Builds strength, stamina and aerobic fitness

5) A fun way to socialise and keep fit

6) Can be used as a mode of commute

Now that we've shared a list of the common benefits of cycling, you may be wondering what are the reasons that Claire likes the cycle. In this episode, Claire shares her favourite reasons for hitting the roads on a bicycle.

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i. Form of Mediation - Claire says she likes to use cycling to zone out, as it's a chance where she can choose not to look at her phone, and just focus on the road ahead without thinking about anything else

ii. It is also Super Fun - Claire has learned more about Singapore while cycling, as she travelled to all the smallest lanes of Singapore and all the hills as well - it's quite a bit of a history tour of the country!

Tips for New Cyclists

It is recommended to do a minimum of 150 minutes of cycling split over 2 to 3 times a week

1) Get A bike fit when you get a new bike

Even if you are getting a basic bicycle, it is good to get your measurements done as it will save you a lot of unnecessary back pain and other aches due to a poor fit

2) Know the basics, tire pressure, how to pump your tires

You don't need to know how to change a wheel necessarily, but it would be great to know how to pump your own tires. To find out what some of the cycling essentials are, read our article here .

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3) Have your mobile phone and bring sufficient water when you ride

Your mobile phone is important just in case you are stranded or in a situation where help is required

4) Hydrate lots the day before you ride

A good hydration regime means you do not only drink up when you are feeling thirsty, but you should hydrate from the day before intense activity right through to after your activity

5) Explore Singapore on your bicycle

Enjoy the beautiful sights of Singapore, and wear the lenses of an explorer. There are many beautiful sights that you wouldn't usually notice when you are just shuttling between office and home

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