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5 Tips for Safe Cycling on the Roads: Singapore Cycling Series

Educate yourself with important cycling safety tips in order to have a safer ride the next time you head out to cycle on the roads


Cycling on the roads can be a daunting task for those who are less experienced, and also poses significantly higher risks and dangers if you are not familiar with road safety and cycling rules.

Whether you are someone who is new to road cycling, or know of someone looking to pick up the sport, here are 5 tips to safe cycling on the roads.

In this third episode of The Better Show, beginner cyclist and artiste Jade Seah is here to pick up tips from host and triathlete Cheryl Tay, in order to build greater confidence in road cycling.

So here are our 5 tips on how to stay safe when cycling on the roads.

1. Check that your Bicycle Equipment are in Good Working Condition

a. Ensure your tires are inflated

b. Check that all your bicycle gears and brakes are working

c. Wear a certified helmet

d. Wear visible or luminous cycling attire or clothing

e. Wear covered foorwear

f. Use bicycle lights both front and rear


2. Remember to Observe Traffic Rules

a. Always ride on the left side of the road

b. Keep a safe distance from the rear of a motor vehicle

c. Do not swerve in and out of vehicles in traffic

d. Always ride in the same direction as the flow of traffic

e. When cycling in groups, cycle in a single file on single-lane roads and during bus lane hours

f. Do not cycle on expressways and in road tunnels

g. Wearing a helmet is mandatory when cycling on roads

h. Do not use mobile communication devices when cycling


3. Develop Good Bicycle Handling Skills

a. Braking

b. Balancing

c. Riding in a straight line

It is most important to have good control of your bicycle not just at high speed but at low speed as well. To learn more about bicycle handling skills, read our beginners guide to road cycling.


4. Adopt Defensive Riding Skills

When riding on the roads, it is crucial to adopt defensive riding skills. For example, call out cues to identify hazards early, and also using the 8 hand signals guide (available in the video) used for:

a. Turning

Full extend arm in the intended direction, and hold it there to let the vehicle behind you know your intended direction

b. Slowing Down

Arms to the side, moving it up and down to indicate you are reducing speed or coming to a stop

c. Stopping

Raise your hand up or behind you. If you need to come to an emergency stop, simply shout "Stopping"!

d. Pointing out Potholes

Point with your index finger in a circular motion, shouting "Hole"


e. Pointing out debris / gravel / sand

Use your palm facing down, and wave at the floor

f. Pointing out a speed bump

Pointing with your index finger, drawing a line back and forth

g. Oncoming Hazard

When you see an oncoming hazard, for example a parked vehicle, move your hand behind you on the small of your back and point away from the hazard

h. Thank you

Lastly when you want to say thank you, just give a thumbs up


When riding in a group, here are some useful cues to call out:

A. "Car Back / Front / Left / Right" - used when car is coming from behind, front, left or right

B. "Clear" - used when changing lanes

C. "On your left / right" - used when overtaking

D. "Rolling" - used when you are moving off


5. Educate Yourself by Working with a Qualified Cycling Coach

If you want to improve your cycling skills and take it to the next level, you can educate yourself by working with a qualified coach. One such coach would be Eugene Lee from TRI-Factor Academy.

For each episode of The Better Show, Orange Room is giving away $50 cash to one lucky winner, as their way of supporting your fitness journey. All your names will also go into the grand draw of $1,000 cash at their year end celebration!

The Better Show is a brand new series brought to you by Orange Room and hosted by Cheryl Tay to help enrich your active lifestyle and empower you with the right skills to help you in your cycling, running and swimming endeavours.

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