Where Football meets Fitness and Data: The Football Gym

Redesigning the futsal experience to connect both football and fitness fans


A recent study conducted by the University of Bath and published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine shared there is an increased risk of injury for contact sports after prolonged training restrictions due to COVID-19.

This means the launch of The Football Gym, Singapore's first fitness centre offering a fusion of football and gymwork, could not have been timed any better, as Singapore gradually eases its COVID measures and the sports and fitness scene reopens.


Train like a Pro

Started by founders of The Cage Singapore, a popular Singapore futsal venue operator, The Football Gym caters to both social footballers looking to level up their fitness with professional physical training, and fitness enthusiasts looking to add greater variety to their training with fun football drills.

Combining football with fitness, The Football Gym's overall experience is enhanced even further with the help of data, helping participants get the most out of their workout with useful post workout summaries.


Valuable Training Data

With the aid of MyZone, a heart rate monitor that tracks each of your training sessions, The Football Gym is giving each aspiring and casual footballer a taste of what it's like to train like a pro.

It also allows regular gym goers who are just in it to experience something fun, to have a more informative session, with useful data to track your progress and give valuable feedback on the areas for improvement.


Class Types

The Football Gym offers three class types:

1. Circuit Strength Training

50 minute workout focusing on strength and conditioning and no ball work

2. Football Conditioning

50 minute technical skills training, where classes incorporate football drills and fundamental mobility work used in football

3. Football Circuit

50 minutes high intensity football workout focusing on cardio work and high intensity interval training

If you are not a fan of training in groups, customised training sessions with individual instructors are also possible.


The Football Gym Packages

Basic Package - Promo $158, Usual Price $437

4 x Fitness Session Credits

Myzone Switch

1 free physiotherapy session from The Physio Circle for Muscle Evaluation

Premium Package - Promo $236, Usual Price $515

10 x Fitness Session Credits

Myzone Switch

1 free physiotherapy session from The Physio Circle for Muscle Evaluation

The Football Gym Website


Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday 10:00am - 10:00pm

Contact Details

Phone: +65 6344 9345

Email: support@thefootballgym.com

The Football Gym Address

38 Jalan Benaan Kapal Singapore 399635

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