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Test Your Physical Fitness Limits at the UA Combine 2023

One of the region's largest fitness competition makes its return to Singapore for a second year after making its debut in 2022


Singapore, 8 May 2022 - Following a successful debut last year, Under Armour announced last Thursday that the UA COMBINE, one of the region’s largest fitness competitions will be back for a second year as the performance brand continues its commitment in establishing the ultimate athlete performance benchmark.

Last year’s inaugural UA COMBINE saw 1,200 participants taking part in the competitions held across four countries in the region – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

This year’s edition will see athletes from diverse sports and training disciplines at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, putting their limits to the test and competing against others in the country for their shot at a total cash prize pool of SGD$17,000.


Additionally, Under Armour is lowering the entry age to inspire some of the younger athletes, aged 16 to 18 to compete and win a one-year Under Armour product sponsorship worth SGD$1,500 for the top male and female youths respectively.

Slated to happen on 21 October 2023, registration for the UA COMBINE 2023 will be open to 350 competitors starting 8 May 2023, with all participating athletes receiving a full set of Under Armour competitor gear on the event day.


The UA COMBINE will see competitors testing their limits in a total of eight physical and mental tests devised by Under Armour‘s Global Head of Athlete Performance, Michael Watts, with each test challenging the athlete’s agility, stamina, vertical, power, endurance, strength, speed, and cognition.

Points will be earned for each completed test and athletes will be ranked according to their final result, with medals and cash prizes of S$5,000, S$2500 and S$1000 awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed athletes in both the men’s and women’s divisions respectively.


The 8 tests will focus on:

AGILITY: Agility Star Drill

STAMINA: Pull-up Beep Test

VERTICAL : Vertical Jump Test

POWER: 20m Sled Push

ENDURANCE: 20m Beep Test

STRENGTH: 3RM Bench Press

SPEED: 40 Yard Dash

COGNITION: Reactive Intelligence Wall

Fitness Performance Redefined

The UA COMBINE 2023 will see significant tweaks made to several of the tests, as part of the brand’s continuous efforts to better define athletic performance.

As opposed to a more traditional sargeant jump seen in last year’s competition, the standing vertical leap test will see competitors assessed utilising forceplates which accurately measure an individual’s upwards propulsion force.


Additionally, the cognition station sees the introduction of the same Reactive Intelligence Wall used by professional athletes in Formula 1 and the NBA. With six light pods positioned on a vertical wall, participants will be tasked with tapping out as many blue pods as possible in 30 seconds, measuring reaction time, decision-making and attention skills when doing so.

“Under Armour is a performance brand that continuously challenges the benchmarks in human performance in order to make athletes better. Through the UA COMBINE, we not only spotlight individual achievements of the Singaporean athlete, but we also raise the bar for what is possible for all of us to achieve,” says Justin Olivares, Marketing Director for Under Armour South Asia-Pacific.


Represent your Fitness Community

Participants are encouraged to form a group of 4 and compete as an individual and as a team. The scores of each individual on the team will be totalled to a team score. The highest team score will bring home SGD$2,000 worth of Under Armour gear.


Train-to-Compete with UFit Singapore

To help registered competitors better their performance and prepare for game day, Under Armour has partnered with UFIT Singapore to provide exclusive training sessions for anyone who signed up for the UA COMBINE in Singapore. With limited capacity, on a first-come-first-served basis, participants can stay tuned to email updates from Under Armour for more information on the classes and how to register.

For further information on UA COMBINE 2023, including competition rules and how to register, please visit the official website or follow @UnderArmourSG using #UACOMBINESG.

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