Uniqlo Teams Up with EXERGAME 4D by Ascend Fitness to Deliver Immersive Workout Experience

Decked out from head to toe in Uniqlo's Sport Utility Wear, participants were treated to a workout that engaged all senses of the body

Singapore fitness enthusiasts were decked out in Uniqlo's Sport Utility Wear for the EXERGAME 4D experience. PHOTO: UNIQLO SINGAPORE

Is it me or are workouts becoming more creative? 10 years ago, I tried yoga at a boutique studio and went to one of those globo-gyms and had no idea what I was doing.

Last week, I found myself in an immersive environment complete with projection mapping and motion sensing, fully engaged in a gamified workout at EXERGAME 4D by Ascend Fitness. Hailing from Korea, this is the first of its kind in Singapore.

An immersive guided workout experience for participants of the Uniqlo X EXERGAME 4D event. PHOTO: UNIQLO SINGAPORE

This experience was brought to us by Uniqlo Singapore, who decked us out in their latest Sport Utility Wear. I chose the Wireless Bra Active Square Neck, basically a padded crop top and the AIRism UV Protection Soft Leggings.

Having used their previous ranges, I like the improved design and also the material of this latest range as it’s more fitting (hence more flattering) and more comfortable.

Workouts from the EXERGAME 4D experience are catered to all levels of fitness. PHOTO: UNIQLO SINGAPORE

I called the Wireless Bra a crop top because it is of a longer length down to the ribs, which is great as it can double up as a top. It also has a one-piece padding that is removable.

The leggings came with the AIRism fast-dry and cool-touch technologies, and also have UV protection! It feels smooth to the touch and it held up around my waist better as I was running around doing shuttle runs.

Uniqlo has upgraded the overall design and material for its Sport Utility Wear range, providing more comfort for a wider range of workouts. PHOTO: UNIQLO SINGAPORE

Knowing that the outfit would not hinder my workout, I could focus on the experience. For a moment it felt like I was in an arcade – oh, bring back those Dance Dance Revolution memories!

Essentially, EXERGAME 4D has different workout programmes but in a game format so you don’t feel the exhaustion as much because it’s so fun!

Stretchable shorts means participants are able to make quick changes of directions without worry of restricted movements. PHOTO: UNIQLO SINGAPORE

Each person gets a station and depending on what the challenge is, you do it at your station or take turns to do it amongst the group. My workout had shuttle run, a two-minute burpee test, high knees with shuttle run, ankle jumps and a speed touch game. It was a lot of speed and agility work, which is not my best suits, but I had so much fun.

But unlike the traditional exercises, these come with graphics on the floor that you have to touch or reach and score points or complete the challenge via motion sensors.

The men's range of Uniqlo's Sport Utility Wear. PHOTO: UNIQLO SINGAPORE

The whole time I felt like I was in a video game, complete with the sounds, and time passed so quickly. I was busting out a sweat and it was tiring, yet I could keep going because I was enjoying myself.

Two things you need to add to your to-do list now – purchase Uniqlo’s latest Sport Utility Wear and round up your friends to go to Exergame 4D!

Enjoy improved comfort with Uniqlo's Sport Utility Wear for men. PHOTO: UNIQLO SINGAPORE

Find out more about Uniqlo’s comfy Sport Utility Wear here, or book tickets with your friends to the latest workout experience in town with Exergame 4D here!

All smiles and enjoying a laugh post workout. PHOTO: CHERYL TAY, SPORTPLUS.SG

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