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Swimming: How To Improve Your Freestyle Swimming Stroke

Learn how to improve your freestyle swimming stroke, the most efficient stroke of all swimming styles


Did you know that in swimming, the freestyle is the most efficient stroke among all swimming styles?

That is because it has a distribution of 80/20% upper body utilisation compared to breaststroke which has 50/50%.

In thie episode of 'The Better Show', host Cheryl Tay talks us through how you can improve your freestyle with actor/host Das - whether for leisure or if you ever intend to take part in an aquathlon or triathlon at some point.

This is useful in a triathlon because it means you save the legs on the swim for the bike and run later.

Freestyle Technique

1. Body Positioning

The ideal body position for the freestyle in swimming is to be horizontal, with your body parallel to the surface of the water. Keep your head down in a neutral position, with eyes looking down at the bottom of the pool.

Engage your core to keep your body straight, lifting the stomach and keeping your body high in the water. Keep your feet high on the surface and avoid letting it drop or it will cause drag and slow you down.


2. Arms Position: Catch, Pull, Push, Recover

Next up is the position of your arms. There are four phases: the catch, the pull, the push and the recover.

In the catch, your fingertips should be pointing at the bottom of the pool, with palms facing back and elbows high.

As you are pulling, try not to drop the elbows as you push the water towards your head.

Finish the whole pull cycle past your head, bringing your arm out of the water, then recover with your shoulder and elbow. Rotate your shoulder forward as you prepare to enter the water again.


3. Develop an Effective Kick

Your legs play an important part in propelling you through the water. To develop an effective kick, remember to do so from your hips.

Keep your legs together, point your toes, keep the ankles soft. Drive from the hips, and do not bend your knees too much as you kick.

As you kick, your heels should come out of the water.


The Better Show is a brand new series brought to you by Orange Room and hosted by Cheryl Tay ​to help enrich your active lifestyle and empower you with the right skills to help you in your cycling, running and swimming.

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