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10 Reasons Why You Should Start Swimming

Not only is swimming a fun way to work out, it is also a vital skill for survival


Eight percent of adults do not know how to swim, and while it may appear daunting at first, swimming is not only an essential survival skill, but can turn out to be lots of fun as well!

The key, it seems, is to familiarise yourself with water first, and to be comfortable in your new environment. In this episode of The Better Show, host Cheryl Tay (@cheryltaysg) and actor/host Das (@dasdyl) take us through 10 reasons why we should start swimming.

1. It’s a full body workout

Whether it be a few casual strokes in the pool or a full-on butterfly, swimming uses all the muscles in your body. This might be why you always feel extra tired after swimming but fret not, that’s an indication of a good workout clocked.

2. Lower risk of injury

Being in the water gives you buoyancy, allowing you to float through your exercises and taking pressure off your joints. Also, your legs will be kicking away to help you stay afloat and that means lower risk of injury as there will be no impact with the ground.


3. Works your lungs, keeps the heart healthy

Swimming is a good way to build lung capacity and strengthen your heart.

4. Increases survival chances in the sea

In the unfortunate event that you fall into the waters, being able to swim will lower your chances of drowning.

5. Able to look out for each other easier

If you’re having trouble staying committed to your exercise routine, having a friend by the pool to keep tabs on you might help you to stay on task.

6. Pretty swimwear choices available

An opportunity to attract a literal pool of fans.


7. You won’t get lost at a pool

For those of you who are terrible with directions, swimming keeps you within four walls. No GPS? No problem at all.

8. You can impress someone you have your eye on

When that special someone has been swimming through your mind all day, it’s time for you to swim through theirs.

9. Helps to keep you cool on a hot day

Especially in sunny singapore where the weather can be crazy hot, dipping yourself into a pool of chilly waters will help you stay refreshed.

10. Gives you a nice tan

Swimming is the ultimate trick to tan without having to bake in the hot sun. Stay cool in the pool and let the sun do its magic!


The Better Show is a brand new series brought to you by Orange Room and hosted by Cheryl Tay ​to help enrich your active lifestyle and empower you with the right skills to help you in your cycling, running and swimming.

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