Silat's Kick Catch Takedown Technique

Learn the basics to Pencak Silat's combat techniques with Nurul Suhaila and Sheik Ferdous


While there are no fixed takedown techniques in Pencak Silat, many of which include sweeping, tripping and throwing; one of the more commonly used ones - usually to devastating effect is the "Catch Kick Takedown".

To get yourself in position to execute this move you will need to have a slightly open stance, with one foot ahead of the other.

Nurul Suhaila and Sheik Ferdous of Team Singapore demonstrate combat techniques in Silat.

To better help you visualise, you can follow the steps here or the watch the short video clip above provided.

Step 1: Catch your opponent's kicking leg at the joint

Step 2: Move your back leg away while hugging your opponents' kicking leg

Step 3: Bend forward with one swift motion


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