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Run for Inclusion 2021 Moves to Full Virtual Event

Over 1,000 registered participants for seventh edition of Singapore's largest inclusive running event, including Persons with Special Needs

Image via Runninghour

19 November 2021, Singpore - Runninghour, a sports-co-operative that promotes the integration of Persons with Special Needs (PWSN) through sports and empower them to participate in mainstream activities, announced today that its seventh edition of Run for Inclusion 2021 has been moved to a full virtual event, which will kickstart on 21 November 2021, Sunday.

Participants who have registered for the physical event will be notified on the updates via email, where they can choose to convert their registration to the virtual run and continue to take part this year or carry over their registration to the physical race next year.

Image via Runninghour

Race Virtually at Run for Inclusion 2021

Run for Inclusion is the largest inclusive running event in Singapore where participants run alongside runners with special needs, including the hearing, intellectually, physically and visually challenged.

This year, it will feature a virtual event where participants can race at their own pace and comfort. Participants can choose to take part in either of the two event categories; the 0-10km running or 0-20km cycling categories.

Image via Runninghour

To date, over 1,000 participants including 824 persons with special needs have registered for the virtual event. The event aims to reach out to 2,000 participants, including 1,000 special needs participants and their caregivers.

Following the tradition of previous years’ runs, Runninghour will offer complimentary

entries to all PWSN and their caregivers for the event, limited to one caregiver per

2 PWSN, to encourage more PWSN to participate in the event and to promote inclusivity and an active lifestyle within the community. This is made possible in partnership with Central Singapore Community Development Council under the 'SoleMate' programme.

Image via Runninghour

Participants will be required to upload proof of their attempted distance and date upon completion of their race on JustRunLah’s website to receive the race medal.

Unique to this year’s RFI, used horseshoes from Singapore Turf Club, the oldest existing and only horse-racing club in Singapore, will be given a new shine and upcycled as race medals. Participants will receive the limited-edition commemorative medal, making it a meaningful and lucky memento for all. Singapore Turf Club is Run for Inclusion 2021’s official Event Partner.

Image via Runninghour

Registration for the virtual event will close on 14 December 2021. Sign up at

Runninghour is supported by SportCares and Central Singapore Community

Development Council.

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