Badminton: How to serve and receive in a Badminton Doubles Match

Badminton Tips with Singapore Badminton Athletes Jin Yujia and Crystal Wong


For many badminton enthusiasts, picking up a racket and finding a friend or family member to play is an easy task. But have you ever wondered the what the differences are when playing as a singles player and a doubles player?

We ask Crystal and Yujia to share some tips with us on how to play well as a badminton doubles athlete.

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Where on the court do you serve from for Badminton Doubles?

Yujia: For doubles, we serve from the front (service line). For singles, you usually serve from the centre. Because for singles players, your coverage is the entire court, whereas for doubles players, there is slightly less area you need to cover.


Which part of the opponents' court should you serve to?

Most of the time, it is recommended that you serve towards the front closer to the opposition's service line, bearing in mind that if you were to serve to the back of the court, for doubles matches beyond the first line it would be out of play.


In what situation should you not serve to the front?

Most of the time you should serve to the front. However, even when serving to the front, there are actually many angles you can play with. Try observing where your opponent stands and exploit the empty spaces.

Service Tips:

1. Point the shuttle towards you

2. Place the shuttle at the centre of the racket

3. Gently push your racket forward

Receiving Tips:

1. Stand close to the service line

2. Place yourself in the centre, so it's easier to take shots from both the left and right or the front

3. Get ready with one foot in front, and having your racket up

4. When returning, try to hit the shuttle to the sides of the court

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