Cardio Circuit Workout with No Equipment for Beginners

Improve your cardiovascular fitness by clocking in a quick, efficient and easy workout circuit with HAUS Athletics trainer Jo-Yee Tan

HAUS Athletics trainer Jo-Yee Tan going through the four different moves in this cardio circuit for beginners. PHOTO: SPORTPLUS.SG

Looking for ways to improve your cardiovascular fitness but not quite sure where to get started?

HAUS Athletics fitness studio might just have the solution for you.

Try out this Cardio Circuit workout with no equipment brought to you by HAUS instructor, Jo-Yee Tan, that is designed specially for beginners looking for a quick, easy to follow and effective full-body workout.

What is circuit training?

Circuit training as the name suggests, involves a circuit comprising multiple exercises that target different parts of your body, with short windows of rest allocated between exercises. recently paid a visit to HAUS Athletics, a Singapore based high intensity interval training (HIIT) gym studio to try out this carefully curated cardio circuit for beginners.

The circuit is made up of four (4) exercises (also known as moves), with each move carried out for 20 seconds of active work, followed by 10 seconds of break. The whole sequence is then repeated three times for each move.

Move 1: High Knee Runs

Jo-Yee demonstrating the High Knee Runs. PHOTO: SPORTPLUS.SG

Raise your hands and your knees up at hip height, keep your chest wide open. Keep your footsteps light and drive your legs up from the ground.

Move 2: Plank Jacks

Jo-Yee getting in position for Plank Jacks. PHOTO: SPORTPLUS.SG

Get into a plank position with your shoulders positioned above your wrists. Now, squeeze your core and keep your hips low and aligned with your upper body as you hop your feet outwards and then back in consecutively.

Move 3: Reverse Lunges

Jo-Yee demonstrating Reverse Lunges as part of the cardio circuit. PHOTO: SPORTPLUS.SG

Position one leg backwards, allowing your knee to sit right below your hip at a 90 degrees angle. Push through your front heel and bring your leg back to its original position. Keep your chest upright and core tight, repeat actions for the opposite side.

Move 4: Squat Jacks and Air Jacks

Jo-Yee demonstrating the Squat Jacks and Air Jacks. PHOTO: SPORTPLUS.SG

Perform one squat jack, followed by an air jack (movements are similar to that of a jumping jack but with your knees bent at different angles). Repeat movements consecutively.

To find out more about HIIT or to pick up HIIT classes, visit HAUS Athletics at OUE Downtown Gallery Studio, #02-03, 6A Shenton Way, OUE Downtown Gallery, Singapore 068815 or Cross Street Exchange Studio, #B1-121, 18 Cross Street, Cross Street Exchange, Singapore 048423.

​​More details are available about the gym at their official website here.

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