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Apple Watch Series 7: The Best Apple Watch for Athletes Yet

watchOS 8 also features new Cycling, Workout and Health updates and is available in Singapore from 15 October


15 October 2021, Singapore - Apple has announced the launch of its Apple Watch Series 7 in Singapore today, with a refined design, much larger screen and retina display with enhanced durability.

The latest Apple watch also carries a number of significant upgrades from its previous Series 6, as well as key updates in fitness and health.

Durability the Biggest Plus For Athletes

Arguably one of the greatest selling points of the new Series 7 is that it is deemed to be the most durable Apple Watch yet.

With front crystal that is 50 percent thicker than series 6, it is also crack resistant, and the Aluminum models have Ion‑X front glass, while the stainless steel and titanium models have sapphire front crystals.

Water Resistant and Dust Resistant

The fact that Apple Watch Series 7 also has a water resistance rating of WR50 and dust resistance of IP6X makes it a great choice for wearing it out to activities in open water, as well as those in the pool and on the beach or in the sand.


Other new features include faster charging, optimised User Interface, new aluminium case colours, and watchOS 8.

The ones that particularly caught our eye in the sports and fitness field are its durability, as well as new cycling, workout and fall detection updates.

New Workout Modes

Apple Fitness+ is the first fitness service built entirely around Apple Watch, and introduces a new body-conditioning workout type with Pilates and a simple way to practice mindfulness through guided meditation that can be done anytime, anywhere.

This comes at a particularly opportune time with extended periods of working from home (WFH) still a majority lifestyle for most adults working in Singapore, that has led to greater pressures on mental health and emotional well-being.

There are also new programs that are in the pipeline to be rolled out, including Group Workouts with SharePlay, where users can work out with up to 32 people at once to keep each other motivated.


Cycling and Workout Updates

With an increasing number of cyclists on the roads over the past year, cyclists can also take advantage of the all new watchOS 8 feature specially designed for those who ride a bike.

Apple Watch Series 7 uses advanced algorithms to analyse GPS, heart rate, accelerometer, and gyroscope data to detect when users begin a ride, and prompts them to start an Outdoor Cycle workout if one wasn’t initiated.

And similar to its other automatic workout reminders, you will be able to see your metrics from when you first start your workout.

The auto-pause and resume function also allow metrics to more accurately reflect time spent moving versus stationary times, such as waiting at a traffic light.


Apple Watch Series 7 can also more accurately measure active calories when users ride an e-bike, with an updated cycling workout algorithm which evaluates GPS and heart rates to better determine when users are riding with pedal-assist versus leg power alone.

New voice feedback through the built-in speaker of Apple Watch, or through AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones, will also automatically announce workout milestones and Activity ring status, helping users stay focused during activities like running or HIIT.

Updated Fall Detection Algorithms

Having first launched in 2018, fall detection on Apple Watch has proven to be a valuable safety tool, recognising if a user is immobile for approximately a minute if a hard fall is detected, and initiating a call to emergency services right from the wrist.

With watchOS 8, fall detection algorithms are updated and optimised for detecting falls during workouts — including cycling — and have been tuned to recognise the unique motion and impact of falls from a bike and other workout types.


Other Cool Workout and Health Features

Regular Apple Watch users will be familiar with its three (3) activity rings, with the outer most ring meant to measure "Move", the centre ring meant to measure "Exerise", and the inner most ring meant to measure "Stand".

Move Ring: How much movement you make in a day

Exercise Ring: Will only be triggered when your heart rate is raised (e.g. at least a brisk walk)

Stand Ring: Have you stood up to move around for at least a minute in the past 12 hours?

Share Your Activity and Compete with Friends

Competition always makes things that much more fun, and with Apple Watch, you will be able to compete with your friends to see who has been the most active, and who has been a couch potato.

When your friends close their rings, finish workouts, or earn achievements, you get notifications about their progress.


Activity Milestones Customised for Different Fitness Levels

Regular challenges that are customised to users of varying activity levels also make a fitness journey done on Apple Watch more encouraging and rewarding.

Not only can users earn badges when they achieve personal goals, they can also worry less about competing with that super fit friend who obviously has a different workout routine or challenge, thus motivating them to improve at their own pace.

Some of the challenges available include the recently concluded International Women's Day challenge, users have to exercise for 20 minutes on 8 October in order to earn a badge. There are also monthly challenges such as the 24 workouts of 15 minutes each, for those who are more active to look forward to.

Apple Watch Series 7 is available from today in Singapore. Check out the new finishes and bands easily from the comfort of your home on Apple's Online Store at


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