5 Benefits of Stationary Exercise Bike Workouts: Decathlon Self Powered Exercise Bike Domyos EB520

If you struggle with the technical aspects of cycling, starting with an indoor exercise bike is a low barrier of entry and good place for you to start your cycling journey


Not quite ready to cycle the full distance around the island or a fan of the sun? That doesn't mean you cannot reap the health benefits that come with cycling.

Here we share some of the major pluses that come with exercising on a bike, and you can do it from the comfort of your own living room or office.

That's because there is a good range of indoor exercise bikes you could consider for your next workout, if you are just dipping your toes into the sport of cycling or simply pressed for time at work.

In this article, we review Decathlon's Self Powered Exercise Bike Domyos EB520 while sharing the health benefits of riding an indoor exercise bike.


1. Build Cardiovascular Health and Fitness

The obvious benefit of riding an indoor exercise bicycle is that it increases your aerobic fitness and heart health, while building endurance gradually over time.

To experience the full benefits, you would need to regularly track your progress and it is important to do so with exercise bikes that supports your training.

To help you tracking your progress and fitness, the Domyos EB520 bike features 6 functions in its display monitor: calories burnt, distance covered, workout time, speed, heart rate and RPM.


2. Improve Physical Strength, Emotional and Mental Health

We all know of the obvious strengthening benefits that riding a bicycle can bring, particularly in building power in your legs: quads, calves, hamstrings and even glutes, but regularly riding an exercise bike also releases those feel good hormones otherwise known as endorphins - thus boosting your emotional and mental health

If you don't already have good leg strength from the beginning, the EB520 exercise bike could be an option to help you start that journey more gradually while having the convenience of not needing an electrical outlet.

This is because of a motorised, self-powered drivetrain system that features a 6 kg flywheel that is very quiet, which means you get to optimise your pedalling without struggling like crazy while working out.


3. Healthy form of Cardio to Lose Weight Fast

Struggling to find a form of cardio that doesn't make you feel like dying from the start? An indoor exercise bike is a good bridge for you to start with if you do not already have a very strong base for fitness and are looking to build your way there while losing weight.

If you need a coach to help you through this, the EB520 bike console also comes with 6 functions and 7 built-in programmes to guide you on your fitness journey on the exercise bike, while the 15 resistance levels also helps to make it easier for gradual progress.


4. Low Impact on the Knees and Joints

Those with knee and joint pains may not be able to participate in other forms of exercise like running, but an exercise bike has less impact on your knees which can only be a good thing!

The Domyos EB520 bike features a straight, low frame which makes it easier to get on the bike, while the ergonomic design guarantees you a straight posture and a healthy back.

The fact that it is height-adjustable for both seat and handlebar also means you can ensure you have good posture while working out, thus reducing the risk of injuries that come with riding in a bad posture.


5. Safe Option if You are Not a Strong Cyclist

We've read about several cycling accidents in the news - and while we are strong advocates for outdoor cycling, we do believe that if you are not confident to do that from the beginning, riding an indoor exercise bike helps you get familiar with the movements and builds your confidence for transitioning to outdoor cycling.

To help you break into cycling as well, the Domyos EB520 bike is designed with a wide, soft seat to make your workouts as pleasant as possible.

So what are SportPlus' thoughts after using the Domyos EB520 self-powered exercise bike? Here is what Gene Leck, Singapore national hockey athlete had to say.

"In general the bike is not difficult to use at all for beginners. Just by pedalling, the machine switches on and there are many different workout types that you can choose from which makes it easy for any type of user."

"The water bottle holder also makes it very convenient because I can easily quench my thirst whilst working out, without having to get off the bike, while the best part I feel is that I can clip on my phone at the top of the display monitor, so watching your favourite K-dramas or videos can make exercise that much more enjoyable."


Overall Rating

At $530, Decathlon's Domyos self powered EB520 bike may not be the priciest on the market, but it also doesn't come cheap. We would therefore classify it as good value for money, given its user friendliness particularly for beginners and also with the extensive set of features that come with it.

We would recommend this for those looking to get a quick workout done at home or in the office, or weekend warriors who are just about to start their fitness journey and looking for an easy place to start.

OVERALL - 4 / 5

Price - 4/5

Comfort - 4/5

Functionality - 3.5/5

User Friendliness - 5/5

Find out more for yourself about Decathlon's Domyos EB520 Bike by visiting this link here.

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