What is CrossFit and Where to do CrossFit Training in Singapore?

Find out what CrossFit training is about, and where you should try out CrossFit training in Singapore


Looking for a place to do CrossFit training in Singapore?

Then you definitely want to checkout FireCity gym.

SportPlus.sg host Cheryl Tay recently paid a visit to FireCity to try her hands at CrossFit training under the watchful eyes of founder and CrossFit coach Uncle Sam.

How did she fare in the CrossFit challenge? You'll have to watch to find out.

But wait a minute. Just what exactly is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning programme that involves constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.

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The beauty of it? You can modify and scale it accordingly. CrossFit training is also known to be an effective workout for losing weight, strength building, agility training, and improving flexibility, while also enhancing aerobic fitness.


Here's a quick look at the CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOTD) which Uncle Sam chose for SportPlus.sg's Cheryl Tay:

3 Rounds of 400m Sandbag Run in the Rain

30m Handstand Walk

20 Pull-ups

10 Double Unders (Skipping Rope)

Goal: Keep smiling for time!


Sounds brutal? According to Uncle Sam, so long as you keep smiling, you will be able to do it! And if you can't complete it, you can always modify or scale down.

Afterall, CrossFit is designed for universal scalability, so the load and intensity can be scaled to suit an individual's fitness level.


A typical CrossFit format would look something like this:

21-15-9 reps

Kettlebell Swings

Box Jumps

15-9-6 reps


Wall Ball

9-6-3 reps

Clean and jerk

Burpee Over bar


Need a pro tip? If this is the first time you are trying CrossFit, leave your ego at the door and don't rush to scale up.

To find out more about CrossFit or to pick up CrossFit lessons, visit Fire City Gym at 111C King George's Ave, Singapore 208559.

More details are available about the gym on their official website here.

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