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Top 10 U19 Boys of ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3 writers look back on some outstanding performances at the ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3 tournament over the past 6 weeks, to do the difficult job of selection

U19 Boys Super League finalists Team Seafood and Proform Gold make up the bulk of the top 10 players on our list. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

Choosing the outstanding performers of any basketball tournament is an uneviable task, let alone one that has been filled with courageous performances and passionate displays from all corners of Singapore.

However, a job is a job, and as has been tasked to single out the top 10 players for both the boys and the girls, our writers wrapped our heads around identifying ten from both the boys and the girls competitions who have caught our eye.

This list is by no means comprehensive, as there were far too many outstanding performances and individuals worthy of mention. Without belabouring the point, here are the top 10 male performers for the Boys U19 basketball 3x3 tournament in no particular order.

10. Pratyush, NPS Jaguars

Pratyush keeping an eye on the defender before selling the dummy, he has been the focal point of many of NPS Jaguars offensive moves. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

An all-action player, Pratyush is always at the focal point of NPS Jaguars team moves. Demonstrating strong ball handling skills, this boy is a key playmaker for the Jaguars, great at defending as well and has a high conversion rate from the free throw line.

9. Sullivan, Kaixuan Black

Kaixuan Black's Sullivan makes everyone believe that he can fly on court. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

Sullivan is not shy when it comes to giving his opponents the shimmy as he moves one way while his opponent goes the other and with gravity working for him, a slight flick of his wrist as he ushers the ball into the hoop. The best part of Sullivan's game is attracting defenders to him, which leaves his teammates like Rae open for an easy jump shot.

8. Teo Yung Juen, Team Seafood

Yung Juen's dominance in the air has been crucial in Team Seafood's progress into the latter stages of the tournament. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

Teo Yung Juen may be a man of few words and possesses a quiet demeanour, but he can more than hold his own against any customer on court. His aerial dominance is an asset for Seafood, definitely ranking among the top 5 in the tournament for both offensive and defensive rebounds.

7. Jake Johnson, Fastbreak Black

Jake's on-court charisma makes him impossible to ignore as an opponent. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

Arguably the 3-point shooter of the tournament, Jake Johnson, who hails from Fastbreak Black is a key player for the boys who hail from the Northeast of Singapore. Quick-footed and always on the move, it is difficult to predict where he would be next before he lets fly another one of his famed trey balls.

6. Eugimiel, Team Fried Food

The best part of Eugimiel’s game is his incredible gas tank. He never seems to tire out, so if you ever face Eugimiel and his team, Friedfood, be prepared to keep running for the whole game. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

The humble guy in the group that turns into “beast mode” when the referee blows his whistle, Eugimiel, is the best example of the incredible hulk when it comes to this tournament.

Even though he doesn’t have the same physique as the strongest avenger, Eugimiel comes out smashing in every game by making sure that he is always fighting for every rebound, and he can barge aside defenders when going in for a lay-up.

5. Zach, Proform Gold

Zach believes the best way to get in the zone is by just staying focused, even if it means making sure he’s emotionless for that whole period. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

There’s a former F1 driver named Kimi Räikkönen, aka The Iceman, who is renowned for his ice-cool veins in moments of pressure on the track. If you ever need to see such composure on a basketball court, we give you Zach, or as many would call him, Mr Three Pointer.

With a mindset of staying focused and his ability to find a shot from anywhere on the court, Zach possesses a serious threat against any opponent he faces.

4. Crouse, Team Galaxy

Crouse never gives you an inch of space when defending, as he’s always close to his man throughout the game. The only way to “try” to get past him is to claw your way past literally. PHOTO: KIN Productions

Crouse comes in as captain material. Admired by his teammates and a morale booster in games, Crouse is always ready to pick up the pieces and help his team get the win in most of Team Galaxy’s fixtures.

The only way to “try” to get past him is to claw your way past literally. The fact is in the claw marks on his arms after every game. Crouse gives you an attacking option, with his pace and strength, allowing him to get fouls and sink those free throws. A whole rounded player that definitely sets any court alight.

3. Rajata Hakim, Proform Gold

At just 18 years of age, Rajata Hakim has been one of the star performers of the entire U19 tournament. PHOTO: KIN Productions

Sporting an unmissable afro on court, Rajata Hakim isn't the biggest player on court. He does have one of the biggest hearts however. Making up for his lack of size with incredible mobility and agility, Hakim draws his defenders away to create space for his Proform teammates to exploit. Usually playing as a point guard in a 5-aside game, Hakim is also a sharp shooter from anywhere on court.

2. Shayan Levi, Team Seafood

Shayan Levi has been a revelation at the ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3 U19 Boys tournament. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

Another incredible sharp shooter, Shayan Levi of Team Seafood brings with him energy levels that is capable of lifting any team. Weaving in and out of the opposition's defence, Shayan is equally adept both at driving straight to the basket or dropping deep to orchestrate play. A real gem of a player for the already star-studded squad of Team Seafood.

1. Max, Proform Gold