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Proform Gold and Team Seafood Faceoff in Boys U19 Super League Final: ActiveSG Cup Basketball 3x3

JEDZ take on Friends 1 in Girls U19 Super League Final as battle-ready players rally for final push on final day at Our Tampines Hub

Team Seafood's Shayan Levi has played a pivotal role in his team's zonal success in the East Zone, ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3 tournament. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

Singapore, 20 March 2022 - The stage has been set at Our Tampines Hub. Following six weeks of intense basketball competition, 32 teams from across five zones make their way to the East today, with four of them staking a claim to become the first ever champions of the ActiveSG Cup.

Proform Gold's Rajata Hakim goes for three. Hakim's movement into pockets of spaces have made him a difficult customer to handle in the ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3 tournament. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

Proform Gold and Team Seafood have blazed a trail to the grand final of the tournament, having brushed aside the competition in their respective Central and East Zones en route to the showpiece event.

Cool as ice is Seafood's Jayson Tan. His laid back demeanour makes him hard to predict for when he springs into life on court. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

Proform Gold will lay siege on Team Seafood led by the presence of the towering Max who has proven to be more than a handful for most of Proform Gold's opponents. He will be supported by Zach's sharp shooting and nifty footwork and quick movement of Rajata Hakim, who really shone in the Super League on Saturday.

Proform Gold's Unstoppable Max when he gets in the zone, his massive presence and physical aggression makes him hard to defend against. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

But they will do well not to underestimate Team Seafood's boys-next-door appearances, this is a team of skilled ballers who have stormed to victories of huge margins week in and week out, and have had arguably demonstrated the best teamwork of the lot.

King of the Air. Team Seafood's Teo Yung Juen showing his aerial dominance and has one of the highest offensive rebound percentages in the league. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

Yung Juen and Jayson Tan have led the line by example, while Shayan Levi's incredible precision shooting from near and far makes him a huge threat from any area of the court. Joachim Teoh will be the foil on which the team pivots and orchestrates the play, a real leader by example.

Proform Gold's Zach knows how to use his body well in every duel on court. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

Girls Looking to Prove a Point

If you are expecting the Girls' competition to be anywhere less fiery, you will be in for a rude shock. Not just technically strong, the girls do not shun away from physical challenges as well, and have thrown their bodies on the line.

While JEDZ and Friends 1 have worked hard to stake a claim in today's final, their route to winning their respective groups was far from easy, having to fend off the threats of tough opponents in the form of SG Basketball and SBA Girls (in white).

Friends 1 take on Rubies in the Girls U19 Super League competition at ActiveSG Clementi Sport Centre on Saturday.

SGBasketball, who hail from the West Zone have to settle for the 3rd and 4th playoff after finishing behind JEDZ in their group, but with the likes of Lim En Tong and Shaniah Lacsado are more than capable of holding their own, while SBA Basketball will be looking to the likes of Mayuri and Kayla in their quest to finish third in the U19 Super League.

SGBasketball battling against finalist JEDZ in the Girls U19 Super League competition at ActiveSG Clementi Sport Centre on Saturday.

Those who are looking to catch the U19 Girls Super League finals can do so at 5.15pm today at the Festive Plaza of Our Tampines Hub.

Stay tuned to for our Top 15 Players feature of ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3 tournament coming next week!

U19 Boys Super League Finalists Team Seafood sharing their thoughts with post match on Saturday at ActiveSG Clementi Sport Centre.

ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3

Full Fixtures for Sun, 20 March 2022

Festive Plaza, Our Tampines Hub

Prime League

9:00am - U16 Girls 3rd & 4th Playoff:

Airballers (North-East) vs Egg Tarts (North)

9:30am - U16 Boys 3rd & 4th Playoff:

Whye Nam (West) vs Chicken Stripes (North-East)

10:00am - U19 Girls 3rd & 4th Playoff:

Zeno (West) vs Mala Mothers (North-East)

10:30am - U19 Boys 3rd & 4th Playoff:

Goons (East) vs Galaxy (Central)

Super League

11:15am - U16 Girls 3rd & 4th Playoff:

The Nun (North) vs Apple Tart (North)

11:45am - U16 Boys 3rd & 4th Playoff:

Anything (North-East) vs SGBasketball Sapphire (East)

12:15pm - U19 Girls 3rd & 4th Playoff:

SGBasketball (West) vs SBA Girls (North)

12:45pm - U19 Boys 3rd & 4th Playoff:

Fastbreak Black (North-East) vs Jailblazers (North-East)

Prime League

1:40pm - U16 Girls Final:

Dumbo (West) vs Powerpuff Girls (North-east)

2:10pm - U16 Boys Final:

the Imported Ones (East) vs Sky Scrapers (Central)

2:40pm - U19 Girls Final:

Friends 2 (North) vs Friends 3 (North-East)

3:10pm - U19 Boys Final:

Friendfood (Central) vs Hustlers (North-east)

Super League

3:55pm - U16 Girls Final:

Proform Black (West) vs Ice Mountain (West)

4:25pm - U16 Boys Final:

Team 828 (Central) vs Team AC (North-east)

5:15pm - U19 Girls Final: