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Singapore a nation of runners, cyclists and Yogis, says adidas

Running, Outdoor Cycling, Yoga, Basketball and Dance revealed as top five fitness activities by Singaporeans in study commissioned by adidas

Image via adidas Runners Singapore

17 December 2021, Singapore - A study commissioned by adidas revealed generational and gender-specific insights that could support people in Singapore who are on their personal fitness journeys.

Image via adidas Singapore

In an effort to examine the impact of the pandemic on mental health, fitness activities, sports participation, and fitness motivations, the brand worked with Dynata, a global market research firm, to conduct a survey with 1,009 individuals who engage in both low and high intensity fitness activities.

The sample size also had an even split of Males and Females, and Gen Zs (born 1997 to 2012), as well as Millennials (born 1981 to 1996).

Image via adidas Singapore

A Nation of runners, cyclists and yogis

Interestingly, the brand found differences in the type of activities that Gen Zs and Millennials preferred.

Gen Zs seemed to prefer activities that allowed for self-expression and empowerment like “Dance and Martial Arts” (6% on average more than Millennials), whereas, Millennials displayed a higher interest in activities like “Yoga, Tennis and Pilates” to achieve self-mastery (6% on average more than Gen Zs).

Image via adidas Runners Singapore

While Running (65%), outdoor cycling (39%), Yoga (27%), basketball (22%) and dance (21%) emerged as the top five fitness activities people in Singapore partook in at least once a week, the reasons varied with 54% citing that they took part in fitness activities or sports to “reduce stress” and “improve mental health”, on top of those who simply did it to improve their physical health.

Image via adidas Singapore

Power of Sports and Fitness Communities

In fact, the study also showed that being part of a fitness community gave added motivation for individuals to keep going in their fitness journeys, and made them happier overall.

68% expressed that being part of a fitness or sport community has had a “positive impact on their mental well-being”, with the top three reasons for membership to these communities or groups being: “it makes me happy (49%), gives me motivation (48%) and helps me socialise with likeminded individuals (46%)”.

Image via adidas Singapore

The power of “jio” & fitness tribes to keep you going – especially, for Gen Zs

51% of people in Singapore found “exercising with friends” to be a powerful motivator to stay active and on track with their fitness goals. Other motivators in the top five were “having friends to urge you to be more active (36%), exercising outdoors (34%), being part of a fitness community (33%) and using a fitness app (31%)”.

Image via adidas Singapore

The power of “jio” (colloquially used to mean “to ask someone out”) was found to also be more significant among Gen Zs than Millennials with the top four largest differences seen in motivators such as “exercising with friends (18% higher than Millennials), having friends urge me on (12% higher than Millennials), getting a reminder from friends (10% more than Millennials), being part of a

fitness community (7% more than Millennials)”.

Image via adidas Singapore

Women were significantly more likely to increase their exercise frequency with 26% pivoting comfortably into “indoor activities” like “Yoga” (43%), “Dance” (27%) and “Pilates” (21%).

Image via adidas Singapore

However, the pandemic also brought on a significant “virtual fitness” fatigue with 69% of respondents expressing if given the choice, they would prefer to break a sweat outside of their homes.

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