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PURE Launches New Programmes and Partnerships to Reinvigorate Fitness Experiences for Singaporeans

A first-of-its-kind partnership with CruCycle brings electrifying experiences to the PURE community and full scale gym facilities to the CRU Family, as state-of-the-art Reformer Pilates programme debuts to meet growing demand of low-impact workouts


Singapore, 1 June 2023 - PURE Group is rolling out a range of new offerings to cater to the demands of Singapore’s highly evolved fitness landscape, and the community’s desire for targeted fitness programmes and dynamic experiences at world-class facilities.

In line with this, PURE Group is bringing new, bespoke programmes to its locations, including its all-new Reformer Pilates programme, and an inaugural, industry-first, partnership with CruCycle to bring their curated and exhilarating sessions to PURE.

PURE x CruCycle Inaugural Partnership at PURE Fitness Ngee Ann City

An industry first for Singapore, PURE Group and CruCycle will join hands to bring CruCycle’s exhilarating workouts to PURE’s big-box model of fitness. CRU and PURE have the same goal – to provide best-in-class offerings, focusing on quality and customer experience. CRU classes do just that.

Boasting a strong community with their infamous Wolfpack and their beat-bumpin’ music that have attracted the likes of Kim Kardashian, Usher, and Hailey Bieber, CRU classes bring an invigorating full body workout to PURE’s top-notch facilities.


This 6-month marriage of eclectic sessions in a world class facility brings to Singapore a new format for fitness experience befitting the demands and trends of today.

CruCycle will debut its Signature CruCycle suited for all experience levels at PURE Fitness Ngee Ann City.

Ride to the beat of specially curated playlists that will challenge your endurance and incorporates upper body movements and weights on the bike, all while syncing movement with rhythm! Apart from PURE members having access to CRU’s classes, CRU members can also get 2.5 hours worth of access to PURE Fitness Ngee Ann City’s facilities if attending a CRU class there.


PURE Fitness Ngee Ann City, PURE Fitness Asia Square, and PURE Fitness Suntec City will also each host two custom-made CRU TV bikes, among other state-of-the-art fitness equipment.

Fitness enthusiasts, or those who can’t make the scheduled group classes, looking to stretch their limits and get their adrenaline pumping can look forward to hundreds of virtual cycling classes led by CRU’s world-class Pack Leaders via a 21.5-inch HD touchscreen. The bikes have integrated sensors and power metres, allowing it to measure and compile the cadence, distance, calorie burn and power output from each individual workout.


PURE Yoga Suntec City debuts Reformer Pilates Programme

Stabilise, mobilise, and get a sweat on with the new Reformer Pilates Programme, debuting at PURE Yoga Suntec City. Led by internationally certified instructors and held in specialised Pilates studios, the newly-formatted classes, of which there are four types, are curated to suit each participant’s needs and outline a clear development journey, regardless of experience level.

Class studios with a full-class capacity of 16 participants will be best suited for those looking to be highly motivated during training sessions. Classes are categorised in four different class types: Intro, Signature, Stretch and Power, with Intro and Signature rolling out first and Signature and Stretch at a later date.


With over 50 classes weekly, PURE members can opt to book classes to suit their personal schedules, easily accommodating usual peak hours such as lunch and after-office hours. Group bookings can be made seamlessly through the PURE360 app whilst private sessions can be made via the counter after discussion with an instructor.

Private classes, otherwise known as Personal Pilates, is a more customised programme suitable for individuals with specific goals or special needs, such as pre or post natal recovery or even sports injury. These sessions include postural analysis and muscle testing to assess imbalances in the musculoskeletal system.


A detailed report is generated for the instructor to design a bespoke programme. The private studio is equipped with a studio reformer with a tower that will help members further work on strength, mobility and stability through personal and quality teaching time.

Theresa Shan, Managing Director at PURE Group (Singapore) said, “PURE has always challenged itself to provide the best facilities and fitness sessions, hosted by experts in their field to our customers. With the evolution of fitness trends and an increasing demand for both curated experiences and more targeted exercises, PURE is adding Reformer Pilates and an industry first CruCycle Partnership to our offerings. These will bring more choices for our customers and new energy to our gyms reinforcing our constant commitment to innovate and provide new solutions to help everyone achieve their fitness goals.”

Valerie Ding, Co-Founder and Director at CRU said, “At CRU, we are always ready to kick it up a notch with like-minded partners. Just like our motto: step outside your comfort zone, we challenge ourselves to continuously innovate to be at the top of the fitness game. The partnership between CRU and PURE Fitness will provide a unique, first-of-its-kind experience combining a boutique indoor cycling brand with a big box gym. We are excited to introduce our wolfpack energy through the CRU takeover @ PURE Fitness that marks the start of a game changing partnership between two of Asia’s hottest fitness brands.”

Pricing and Availability

PURE Yoga Suntec City Reformer Pilates

From now to 30 June, purchase a $50 Introductory Trial package (3 Classes). All Introductory Trial classes are valid for utilisation at PURE Yoga Suntec City only.

PURE x CruCycle

From 10 June, fitness enthusiasts will be able to enjoy complimentary access to PURE Fitness Ngee Ann City’s facilities 30 minutes before and 2 hours after each CruCycle class.

From May 22 to 11 June , fitness enthusiasts will also be able to enjoy promotional prices on CruCycle class packages specifically for PURE Fitness Ngee Ann City. Prices are as listed:

1-Class Series: $29 (U.P: $37)

5-Class Series: $141 (U.P: $176)

10-Class Series: $262 (U.P: $328)

25-Class Series: $614 (U.P: $768)

50-Class Series: $1,133 (U.P: $1,416)


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