Mind, Body and Soul Connection: Ground Zero Singapore

From Olympic-style lifting, to Animal Movement, and Athletic Agility


"This is where you find your beginning". Those are the words that local boutique gym Ground Zero live by, with each sweat session bringing you back to discovering yourself.

Having been around for a few years, Ground Zero is far from being the newest boutique gym on the block, but their most enduring quality is the belief in what they do.

Led by a team of 30 passionate instructors who absolutely love what they do, Ground Zero's workouts invite you to find that deeper relationship with yourself - a mind, body and soul connection.

Through this, the GZ fam believes you will find that better version of yourself.


Grunge Aesthetics, Adrenaline Pumping Music

With a space that is equipped with professional sound and lighting systems, Ground Zero's studio is designed to create the most captivating of experiences for its members - with music being a central part of every workout.

"Music has always been the heart and soul of our classes. Our instructors bring their classes to life through their own choice of music which they specially curate and put together for the whole 45-55mins from intro all the way to cooldown," said Jeong Fok, co-founder of Ground Zero Singapore.

"As for the dimly lit room, it helps create that safe space and a sense of escape from the real world for those 45 minutes. Also, my personal mantra is this: It counts the most when the lights are low and no one is watching you."


Full Body Workout Guaranteed

While the gym offers different genres of workouts from HIIT classes to Indoor Cycling, it recently switched up its Resistance classes - featuring Resistance 2.0 that has four (4) different themes and concepts with very specific goals in mind.

Impact: A mix of Olympic-style lifting, Animal Movement, and Athletic Agility

Focus: Building strength with intention, with each pod targeting a specific muscle group in your body

Rapid Fire: Designed specifically for the cardio junkies

Blitz: Combining all three elements above

Whether you are a gym buff looking to work on strength, a cardio lover just wanting to sweat it out, or a cross-training athlete, there is a workout for everyone to enjoy.

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Ground Zero Indoor Cycling

If you are a fan of spinning, then Ground Zero's signature Ride class is something you would not want to pass up on - with choreographed cycling routines and curated playlists that are unique to each individual instructor.

If you are a more advanced rider, then the Ride or Die class will push you to your limit, with an extra 15 minutes to test your endurance levels for the hour-long experience that will take you to your higher standard.

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Discovering yourself through goal driven workouts

Ground Zero likens its community to a tribe connected by passion for fitness, with an emphasis on practice over perfection. This stems from a philosophy where everyone is different and special in their own way, and Ground Zero is here to help you find it.

Whether you're doing your very first push-up or done a thousand classes, its workouts and concepts are for everybody, and their bubbly instructors will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone even while training safely and efficiently.

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Freshen up before you head out

Complete your Ground Zero experience by hitting the showers and freshening up after your workouts. GZ's locker rooms are stocked with Ashley & Co. hair and skincare products so that you can look your best before you step through the doors and head out for your next appointment.

Ground Zero Class Packages

First Timers (Trial - 2 classes) - $48.00

Resistance Series (1 month) - $250, U.P $300/month

Resistance Series (3 months) - $200/month, U.P $250/month

Standard Series (Single) - $45

Standard Series (5 classes) - $215

Standard Series (10 classes) - $410

Standard Series (20 classes) - $730

Standard Series (50 classes) - $1,650

Standard Series (100 classes) - $3,000

Off Peak Series (10 classes) - $250

Ride Virtual (Monthly Unlimited - $49

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Ground Zero website


Opening Hours

Monday: 6am – 10pm

Tuesday: 6am – 10pm

Wednesday: 6am–10pm

Thursday: 6am–10pm

Friday: 6am–10pm

Saturday: 7:30am–4:30pm

Sunday: 7:30am–4:30pm

Contact Details

+65 6226 0083

Ground Zero address

Level B1-120 Cross Street Exchange, Singapore 048423

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